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It is difficult to express the amazing experience I had at Wasini Luxury Homes Nairobi.

Having been to Nairobi many times in my young life (emphasis on young), and having gone to many different hotels,guesthouses and as per my most recent trend, serviced and furnished apartments ( a trend that I will stick to)...

Wasini has by far proved itself the most ideal and pleasing abode when in Kenya.

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There is also the added assurance that, in a city like Nairobi, the security is such that Wasini is also known as one of the safest places to stay.

The rooms were very well appointed with everything on hand to self cater, with the added plus of having all the conveniences of hotel facilities, such as room service (which is at no extra cost from restaurant dining) a gym (with personal instructor on hand) and housekeeping etc.

The setting is also very peaceful with beautiful gardens and a fantastic pool. The communal restaurant/bar area was a great place to sit and unwind outside, and a nice way to meet other guests for a drink and chat, if you're in the mood.

The most surprising thing in my view, is the homeliness that staff and atmosphere are able to create, a sense of 'family' in some strange sort of way that however much one may grow in confidence and camaraderie, doesn't adulterate or rather infringe upon the quality and standard of service expected.

Besides the beauty and refinement of the apartments, that ranges from the interior decor to the single pieces of crockery and cutlery in the apartment kitchen,

one memory that will always stay is the great nights on the terrace after a delightful dinner prepared by Wasini's restaurant (recently renamed 'la Terrazza') in which whether alone or with company,

I always had the pleasure of sharing a good laugh with fellow residents (and sometimes a good bottle of Italian wine with the superb management staff).

The hotel managers are very hands-on and personally ensure that your stay goes perfectly, and take individual interest in, and care of, each guest.

They were always on hand to help out, or simply just to sit and socialise with.

They even went to the effort of helping me to find more long term accommodation - although, if I had been able to, I would have loved to stay for the rest of my time here.

All in all, the perfect boutique-style hotel with personalised service and a genuinely welcoming, friendly feel. Thank you!

My advice is....try it for sure, I for one can think of no better place i'd rather go to when in Nairobi.

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