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Why should you study at Valley Business School Kenya? To meet the costs of this challenging world, one should always Endeavour to attain quality education. Do you want quality education that matches the current market and competition in Kenya?

Then come and get the best education at Valley Business School in Kenya. This page is about the background history of this college in Kenya, Courses and programs offered at Valley Business School,

Hostel and Accommodation facilities at Valley Business School, Admission forms and requirements to study at this college in Kenya, Fee structure and payment option and all you need to know about Valley Business School in Kenya before you waste your precious time travelling there.

Programs and Courses Offered at this College

  • Certificate in Computer Repair & Maintenance( )
  • Certificate in Secretarial Studies(Secretarial Studies)
  • Certificate in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Certificate in Business Administration(Business Administration)
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  • Certificate in Store Keeping(Store Keeping)
  • Certificate in Front Office Operations(Front Office Operations)
  • Diploma in Broadcast Journalism(Broadcast Journalism)
  • Certificate in Management Information Technology(MIT)
  • Certificate in Networking(Computer Networking)
  • Certificate in Computerized Accounting(Computerised Accounting)
  • Certified Public Secretary(CPS)
  • Certificate in Business management(Business Management)
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship(Entrepreneurship)
  • Certificate in Business Information Systems(Business Information Systems)
  • Advanced Diploma in Business(Business)
  • International Diploma in Project Management(Project Management)
  • Teachers & Trainers Course( )
  • Certificate in NGO Management(NGO Management)
  • Certificate in Sales Management & Marketing(Sales Management & Marketing)

Valley Business School Reputation

Valley Business School has a Rich history, having been established in 1968.

The reputation of an institution of higher learning so they say, rests largely on two pillars; the quality of its faculty members and the performance of its students.

On both counts, Valley Business School has earned considerable bragging rights.

With over 95% of its faculty staff holding postgraduate and doctoral qualifications, the institution draws its academic resource from an inexhaustible ‘well’ of knowledge constantly being replenished through research and institutional linkages.

Meanwhile, Valley’s students are second to none among institutions of its kind locally.

Valley Business School Ambiance

Located within the plush suburbs of Kilimani area of Nairobi, the institution enjoys an unrivalled tranquility and ambiance, which are both a sufficient and necessary conditions for serious intellectual pursuits.

Besides, keen measures have been taken on the health and safety areas through the hands of skillful and effective administrators of long repute.

VBS, The Rich Past

The college was founded in1968 as Valley Secretarial College, then offering training for secretaries.

As Valley Business School, the institution can rightly be said to have come of age and has graduated into a full time college offering professional courses in Accounting,

Business Administration, Management, ICT & Computing, Teachers & Trainers, Marketing and Human Resource Management from recognized bodies such as University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), Association of Business Executives (abe) and others.

Coterminous with the need to accommodate the ever-growing demand from working class people, the school introduced a flexible learning system through weekend programs to enable the learner acquire tertiary/ university education without having either to resign or take leave.

Besides, the institution also has programs for distance learning.

Valley Business School Contacts

• Physical Location: Juja Road, Near St. Theresa’s Church, Eastleigh

Postal Address: 20031 – 00200

City: Nairobi

Telephone: 020 3864544, 3875640, 0733-889607

Fax: 067 31213



Valley Business School Kenya

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