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We arrived at Upepo Boutique Beach Bungalows after a 3 day safari trip to Mikumi in Tanzania.

We were picked up by a taxi organized by Patrick,

even though we were later than anticipated to arrive he was still there waiting - thank goodness.

The electricity did cut out most nights, however as far as we were concerned it really didn't matter - we were always provided with lanterns and we thought it made it more fun.

I have to disagree with previous comments that the restaurant was too quiet - we thought it was great.

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You basically had the whole restaurant to yourself and the food was AMAZING.

We didn't go anywhere else, and we stayed for 8 days, as we were told by other guests to not bother as the food at Upepo was the tastiest around.

We ate there every day for lunch and dinner with a couple of beers thrown in each day and the total cost was around £180 for 2 people.

Fantastic value, especially when you see them walking up the beach with your dinner that they have just caught. My partner played football most days with Rasta man and also Djume. We also had daily lessons, courtesy of Djume, on Swahili.

We were also invited to their local club with the boys - it was certainly an experience, but was great fun and everyone was more or less welcoming - we learnt some dance moves too. Great fun.

We were gutted to leave and there were even a few tears from the guys, I think they were not used to people staying for more than a few days

Upepo is the ultimate place to switch off, lie on the hammock all day and relax. I read 4 books while I was there - a concept I wouldn't even entertain on a different holiday. We also both had a massage from one of the local ladies, Patrick organised this and she was great. Very firm pressure so beware!

I would go back in a second, everyone was so friendly and welcoming but also professional. A special thank you should go to Djume for:

- Our rockpool trip - even though we got spiked by an urchin (take good shoes suitable for walking on rocks/urchins)

- Football fun

- Dancing

- Swahili lesson

- General entertainment

It was a fantastic trip that we will NEVER forget...

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