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Upendo Villa Retreat vacation rental in Zanzibar Tanzania brings a new concept to the island... luxury, style, comfort and the services of an excellent boutique hotel.. incorporated within a stylish serviced luxury villa!

Tailormaid services to help make your stay in Zanzibar unique and unforgettable.. as we want you to come back!

Upendo brings you 'chic on the beach'!

Check out our beautiful beach which was used in a Vogue UK fashion shoot in the March 2011edition!

The owner of this exclusive stylish villa has fused together two very different styles, (a contemporary home beautifully finished using local materials and craftsman) giving you all the modern comforts you could need. 

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The furniture (designed by the owner), is made from beautiful coconut wood. This all adds to the atmosphere and gives inspiring personal touches.

An efficient team comprising of your own private chef (optional); butler; housekeeper; gardener and security guard, ensure that you are well looked after and help to make the retreat an unforgettable experience for those who stay with us.

Our cuisine offers fresh sea food, including, crab, lobsters, prawns, fish, tropical fruits and of course our famous Zanzibar spices.

Everything at the villa is cooked to order by your private chef who will help plan your daily meals including delicious vegetarian options.

Upendo Villa Retreat and Pool Vcation Rental is a hidden gem at the far end of the island in a beautiful national park.

It's not a big, shiny resort but is a small, boutique place with very personal service.

I was travelling by myself and arrived to find one other couple there: a very friendly pair of airline pilots getting in some kite surfing down the road.

I wasn't nearly so adventurous, but stayed at Upendo and devoured a few novels in blissful comfort.

We stayed at Upendo for 10 nights and we enjoyed every single moment! This was surely the best and most relaxing holiday we have ever had. The reasons for that are many:

1) the staff was amazing, so friendly, kind, personable and professional! We really appreciated the excellent service that we were given, and the warmth from the great staff. They were all very attentive and fantastic.

2) the owner, Trish, was extremely helpful and nice, and accommodated every need we had and beyond - amazing service!

3) the location and place in itself is so beautiful and peaceful. We woke up to sound of the ocean and an amazing scenery every day.

There are probably few places were you can enjoy the beautiful white sandy beach and the turquoise ocean by yourself without lots of tourists around, but this is one of those places - total serenity and peace!

The villa and the surrounding facilities are very nicely and beautifully decorated, giving the perfect backdrop for a relaxing atmosphere.

4) the FOOD!!! We had breakfast, lunch and dinner there every single day and it was AMAZING!

We are very impressed by the culinary variety that was provided, the specials menu was changed both for lunch and dinner every day, always giving us new fantastic things to try even though we stayed for 10 days.

We were looking forward to every meal, just because we knew it was going to be another wonderful culinary experience!

All of this combined makes us truly wishing to come back here one day, and experience the peacefulness of Upendo again one day. We would without hesitation recommend Upendo!

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