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Let Come what may,Uganda Luwombo Recipe is the best food in Uganda. On this page we are privileged to teach you how to make Luwombo without necessarily going to Uganda.

The 'luwombo' sauce is never fried and as a result it has a fantastic rare taste. This is arrived at after hours of prolonged cooking in an airtight container made out of a wilted banana leaf.

As an accompanying dish, the 'matooke' are harvested two days before. They are peeled and wrapped in several banana leaves, then placed in a saucepan and cooked slowly over a medium fire for up to six hours. The golden colored 'matooke' is mashed and served with the 'luwombo' sauce.

To make 'luwombo', cut the chicken into four or so pieces and grill them carefully till they're a yellowish brown hue. Smoked meat can be cut into serving portions.

Make the concasse by mixing tomatoes and chopped onions then stewing them over low heat in a pot for about fifteen minutes. Add tomato paste and a little water to get a rich, tomato-base gravy, and you could add a chicken-flavored cube or spices

Description of Uganda Luwombo Recipe

Oluwombo or Luwombo is a traditional dish from Uganda. It is both a classic dish of Royal dinners and a dish popular throughout Uganda, especially at holiday time.

It is often said that oluwombo dates to 1887 when, during the reign of Kabaka Mwanga, the dish was introduced by his chief cook, Kawunta.

The basic banana-leaf cooking method has been common across tropical Africa for centuries and is also much used wherever bananas or plantains are grown.

Ingredients to make Uganda Luwombo Recipe

•cooking oil

•Beef, Chicken, goat, or Pork (any one or two or more in combination), cut into serving-sized pieces

•peanuts (roasted, shells and skins removed) or Peanut butter (natural, unsweetened), about a half-cup per serving (optional)

•Onion, chopped (half an Onion per serving)

•tomatoes, peeled if desired, chopped (one tomato per serving)

•tomato paste (one tablespoon per serving)

•one Chicken or Beef bouillon cube (optional)

•salt (to taste)

•black pepper (to taste)

•banana leaves (one per serving)

•Mushrooms, cleaned (optional)

•smoked fish or meat (optional)

•plantains (one per serving)

How to Make Uganda Luwombo Recipe

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