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It was a very pleasant stay with Renato and Laura at Twisted Palms Lodge and Restaurant in Zanzibar, the staff was the sweetest, the bungalows were comfortable and the beach was beautiful.

All in all i would recommend this place to anyone who was looking for a relaxing time.

We went on some different trips which Laura and Renato made the arrangements for, very helpful!

The MAsai security guys were SO nice and the area around the restaurant and hotel was just very comfortable

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Had three good days and nights here, great spot if you're focus is on being interesting places, its a bit worn down in some ways but at 30C and 95 humidity.

Be aware that the beach opens onto a lagoon so the sea visits the near beach only twice a day, at other times you may find the need to wade through puddles of spiky urchins (don't, wait for mid-tide and snorkel out when its 1m deep)

Ideal for a lazy stay, be prepared for rats to scurry around the restaurant roof and visitations of bats after dark (its open-air living in the tropics, get over it)

Bed creaked badly in one direction but not at all in the other, so be flexible.

Visiting in the off-season was good enough for us, you take your chances with the weather and the sea is sooooo warm.

Fantastic snorkelling someplace nearby and adjoining there are other eating options, food was good and as everyone notes, freshly cooked, if that’s too good for you, or you cant survive 50 minutes of hunger then stay in the lands of McDonalds, but the food was good and well priced say $5 for a substantial seafood main course.

If you need continual pampering to be happy then this may be just too off-line for you, try something aseptic and alien ;)

Bits of memorable 'chararcter' are more noteworthy in the months of reflection that follow a good holiday, this will leave you some of those, and 'if you is white' some flaky skin from the powerful sun too

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