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Our group of eight from Kampala Uganda was given a very warm welcome at The Ndemi Place in Nairobi City Kenya.

The place is peaceful and the staff very friendly.

Cosmos's breakfasts were amazing! Nairobi suffered a major power outage on our second night and the generator was sufficient for our needs.

Charming, friendly, quiet place set in a lovely walled garden. I stayed at Ndemi Place for three nights –

Saturday before a week in the Rift Valley, and the following Friday and Saturday nights before I left for home.

The overall feel of this place was cool, green, quiet and safe - totally different from the surrounding dusty streets filled with traffic.

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I would definitely stay here again if I return to Nairobi.

Ndemi place is not an American style luxury hotel – not cheapo but not upscale either. Just solid and comfortable.

The building has the gracious feel of an old colonial English lodge (I think it originally was one).

Lots of dark woodwork, casement windows, high ceilings, and solid dark wood furniture.

A small but comfortable breakfast room is located on a greenhouse style porch, where they served sausage and eggs to order in the morning along with the usual breakfast buffet – coffee, tea, cereal, fruit, etc.

The grounds are very green and leafy, with a bench here and there to relax and watch the birds.

The hotel doubles as a conference center, so there are a few large buildings on the grounds.

One is a kind of ugly, barracks style building, but the beauty of the rest of the garden made it easy to ignore.

There was a conference one of the days I was there. Everyone arrived in the morning and went straight to the conference buildings without entering the hotel itself. They made no noise or trouble.

The comfortable living room has armchairs, a TV and a computer with internet access for guests.

The hotel was not very full when I was there. The staff were invariably very friendly and helpful.

They arranged for taxis and told me the prices up front.

There is a shopping center about a mile and a half away, down the Ngong road, which is a busy boulevard with a dusty path on each side.

I walked there once and it was a comfortable distance.

I felt safe as I walked, with all the traffic and bustle, although it was a bit too hot because I went at noon and forgot my hat.

Ndemi Place is a very nice hotel - guest house located in one of the 'posh' suburbs of Nairobi.

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