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We stayed at Tamani Villas for a week and had the most amazing time.

If ever there was a paradise on earth, this would surely be it.

Beach, swimming pool, great food, impeccable service, Tamani Villas had it all.

Me and my family could not have been more happy with our choice of residence during our stay at the beautiful island city of Zanzibar.

The accommodation itself was pure luxury, right on the beach and it had its own swimming pool.

As a family we got to enjoy everything without even having to lift a finger.

There was a full time cook who specialized in everything including western and African food. Try the baked fish, it is scrumptious.

Then we had a maid who ensured that the villa was always clean, turned the beds. It was just like living in a hotel.

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The best part though was the exotic juices provided by Ali the manager. He would make some of the best tasting fresh juices i have encountered all locally sourced.

We loved everything about Tamani. The rooms were lovely, the views amazing, the food scrumptious and the staff were great. If you want luxury in Paradise this is the place to go.

Located right at the coast, the hotel offered a variety of activities for us to enjoy.

We could swim or snorkel in Zanzibar's crystal clear waters, or laze in the hotel's swimming pool which was a stone throw away from the beach.

Hammocks were conveniently located around the area so that you could have a view of the stunning shoreline, as well as be in the comfort of the hotel.

To say that the atmosphere at Tamani Villas was relaxing, would be an understatement. Lying on your hammock with the light sound of the waves chiming in your ears, while sipping an ice cold strawberry juice as a gentle breeze played lightly into your face was simply too good.

The food was superb as well.

A variety of Western and Eastern dishes were on the menu and made for a mouthwatering meal.

A vegetarian and a non-vegetarian menu was available.

If you're not a picky eater, let the chefs dazzle your taste buds with their choice of food! It is important to note that Tamani Villas is a non-alcoholic venue.

Tours within the city were available to nearby attractions like The Stone Town and other historical sites. The Spice Tour is one that I would not want to miss!

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Tamani Villas and would recommend it to others.

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