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Why should you study at Skypath Aviation College Kenya? To meet the costs of this challenging world, one should always Endeavour to attain quality education.

Do you want quality education that matches the current market and competition in Kenya? Then come and get the best education at Skypath Aviation College in Kenya.

This page is about the background history of this college in Kenya, Courses and programs offered at Skypath Aviation College, Hostel and Accommodation facilities at Skypath Aviation College,

Admission forms and requirements to study at this college in Kenya, Fee structure and payment option and all you need to know about Skypath Aviation College in Kenya before you waste your precious time travelling there.

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Skypath Aviation College is situated in Amref Building Wilson Airport Nairobi. It was established in 2001 and started with a population of a few students.

The college currently prides it self with having a large student population with administrative and others support staff.

The student population has grown through our maxim VENI VIDI VICI ( I came i saw i conquered) and since then we have not gone wrong.

All our students strive to conquer the books and when they leave the college they conquer the skies..We believe that there is a vacancy for you at skypath at any time.

At Skypath Aviation College we not only teach you to be a top notch Aviator but we also teach you the way to life.

 Courses offered at Skypath Aviation College

  • Certificate in French(French)
  • Diploma in Flight Dispatch Operations(Flight Dispatch Operations)
  • Bachelor of Science(Acturial Science)
  • Advance Diploma in Dangerous Goods(Dangerous Goods)
  • Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew Duties(Airline Cabin Crew Duties)
  • Diploma in Aircraft Àvionics Engineering(Aircraft Avionics Engineering)
  • Diploma in air cargo services( )
  • Meteorological Observation Techniques (MOT)
  • Diploma in Aircraft Mechanical Engineering(Aircraft Mechanical Engineering)
  • Diploma in Air Travel Operations(Air Travel Operations)

Skypath Aviation college has gained recognition as one of the finest training facilities throughout the African region south of the sahara. Our lecturers are experienced young men and women with high level of competence, relevant industrial experience and skill..

The lecturers are carefully screened and are continually evaluated to maintain high level of teaching effectiveness with close attention to student’s individual learning and motivational needs.

Graduates of Skypath have one of the highest employment rates in the industry, and airlines throughout the world as they are churned out fully baked.

It is one of the few institutions that offers Ab-Initio and recurrent training , internship and professional programs as well as assistance for employment placement after graduation.


Learn using real aircraft : With the adjacent Wilson Airport, students get first hand experience and interaction with live aircrafts. Further learning through internship is also available. Industrial experience is automatic as the college has its own aircraft and hangar facility. 

Information Technology: We have a teaching laboratory with full time internet connection to all computers, where all students learn different information technology applications to modern aviation.

marketable courses: Sky path Aviation College graduates succeed in the job market as the college offers courses that are concidered relevant to aviation.. These courses are not offered in most public Universities in Kenya making skypath aviation college one of the best suited college for aviation training in the region. 

International linkages: The college is in the International civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) directory of training institutions recognised in the region and is approved by the Tanzania civil aviation authority as a training centre for flight operations and dispatch.. 


The college has training aircraft that are used for rebuilding exercises, general aviation exersices and simulation

 Skypath aviation college has a provision for co-carricular activities and excursions. We dont miss out on KO"GALLO, Rhino charge Camping, Rallying and any thing done by the young at heart.


. A healthy mind needs a healthy body, so,physical exercise to keep the body and mind in good shape is a basic requirement in life in order to work well.. The college has sports and swimming activities as part of its carriculum. This is in addition to a myrad of other co- carricular activities.. 

Social life:

Our students also indulge in a rich social life that includes motor sports racing,parachute diving, dancing, camping, Community service etc .The list is endless, but you name it we have it. 

School Uniform: The college uniform consists of a beige pilot’s shirt and a black trouser;Aviators are smart people and we are the aviators. 

Housing : The students can get accommodation in relation to their taste and budget. Students can also share rooms with other students to help keep cost at a minimum. 

Lunch and tea is provided for all. The college keeps u healthy and wealthy.


Aviation is the most rewarding career as aviators are concidered to be high level thinkers.

The following careers are available in the aviation industry.

  • 1) Avionics engineers/technicians
  • 2) Aircraft production/ maintenance engineers/technicians
  • 3)Flight operations and dispatch officers,
  • 4) cabin crew,
  • 5)Air traffic controllers,
  • 6)Ramp controllers,
  • 7) marshallers,
  • 8) Air cargo handlers,
  • 9)load controllers
  • 10) Meteorological officers
  • 11)Aeromodellers
  • 12) Pilots,
  • 13) Navigators and other high level thinkers.

Do you want to join us? The starting point is SKYPATH AVIATION COLLEGE.I f you want to be above the rest, stick with the best. Skypath Aviation college--VENI VIDI VICI

Skypath Aviation College Contacts

AMREF Kenya country building, Wilson Airport,Nairobi.

Phone: 0202301958

Cell phone:0723944885 0721-963143

Skypath Aviation College Kenya

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