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On this page we bring you details about Courses and Programmes offered at this college in Kenya , Admission and Requirements to study at Sigalagala Technical Training Institute, Hostel and Accommodation facilities at this Sigalagala Technical Training Institute in Kenya and all you must know before you visit this college.

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   Courses offeed at Sigalagala Technical Institute

Certificate Courses

  • Business administration
  • Computer systems and application
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Land surveying
  • Library and archives
  • Secretarial studies

Diploma and Professional Courses

  • Accountancy
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Business administration
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer studies
  • Construction engineering
  • Co-operative management
  • Environmental biology
  • Information technology
  • KATC
  • Library & Archives

Sigalagala Polytechnic Historical Background

The history of Technical Education in Kenya can be traced way back to the period immediately after the First World War with the establishment of the Native Industrial Training Depot at Kabete by the ordinance of 1924.

Here war veterans were trained in various skills to enable them reintegrate into the society with ease. The Technical Education must have started here on Government policy for African Education (1924).

Phelps-Stokes commission recommended a practically oriented education for African communities to serve rural areas. Sigalagala Technical Training Institute is the third oldest Vocational and Technical institute in this country behind Kabete and Machakos.

Sigalagala Technical Training Institute started in 1950 as Nyanza Technical and Trade School on 33-acre piece of land. It inherited land and buildings from gold miners who had been operating here since the 1930s.

It became a National Technical School in 1967 offering courses up to East African Certificate of Education (E.A.C.E.) level. It was one of the best schools in the country that has produced some of the best brains manning key positions both in the public and private sectors today.

The buildings on the site were converted into classrooms, workshops and hostels. It was the first vocational training centre in Western Kenya and was called Nyanza Trade School.

Basic technical training skills were taught and this included automotive, masonry, carpentry, plumbing and metal work. This was an initiative of the colonial government through the local authorities.

The Mackay report (1981) led to further expansion of other post-secondary training institutions besides the establishment of Moi University.

This led to the upgrading of technical secondary schools to Technical Training institutes in 1986 to offer post secondary technical training. Sigalagala therefore was reconverted to a technical training institute in 1986 and became Sigalagala Technical Training institute.

Since then student enrolment has been increasing from 120 students at the beginning to the current 1,951 students on full time programmes.

The institute has grown steadily in infrastructure. A new and ultra modern library has been built which can accommodate 500 students at any given time.

The institute has started the construction of a tuition block which is composed of 18 classrooms, a staffroom, ablution block and heads of departments’ offices. In line with the modern technology, the institute has installed a management information system (MIS) and website to enable service of more students.

The institution is managed by a Board of Governors appointed by the Minister responsible for Education or Science and Technology under powers bestowed upon him by the Education Act, Cap.211.

The principal is appointed by the Teachers Service Commission and is its chief executive. The teaching staff is posted and maintained by the Teachers Service Commission.

There are a few teachers who are under the board of governors. Sigalagala employees are either permanent or contracted under different categories; non teaching staff or subordinate staff. The institute has a strategic plan which runs from 2008-2012, and has a vision and mission statements.

Sigalagala Technical Training Institute Contacts

Physical Location: Sigalagala-Kakamega Road

Postal Address: 2966 – 50100

City: Kakamega

Telephone: 020-2395667, 056-41001


Sigalagala Technical Training Institute Kenya

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