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Do you know why Shanzu Teachers Training College Kenya is the most preferred college? Do know that there is always a chance to get the best education in Kenya if you search for it.

Are you looking for the best higher institution of learning in Kenya? Here are the details about Shanzu Teachers Training College in Kenya. One of the best colleges you shouldn’t miss if you want quality education that matches the current market trends.

On this page we bring you details about Courses and Programmes offered at this college in Kenya , Admission and Requirements to study at Shanzu Teachers Training College, Hostel and Accommodation facilities at this Shanzu Teachers Training College in Kenya and all you must know before you visit this college.

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Shanzu Teachers Training College is a public college for primary teachers’ training.

The college runs also private courses such as Business Administration, Human Resources, Management, Information Technology, etc.

The college is committed to run income generation projects for auto sustainability.

Actually it is investing in its ICT infrastructure in order to become an attractive training center.

The broad goal is investing in the Knowledge Economy.

Courses offered 

  • Pre-University Programme(Pre-University)
  • Diploma in Business Administration(Business Administration)
  • Diploma in Education, Guidance & Counseling(Education, Guidance & Counseling)
  • Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education( )
  • Certificate in Agriculture(Agriculture)
  • Diploma in Agriculture(Agriculture)
  • Diploma in Community Development(Community Development)
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education(Early Childhood Development)
  • Diploma in Personnel Management(Personnel Management)
  • Diploma in Counselling(Counselling)
  • Post graduate in Education(Arts)
  • Diploma in Education(Arts)
  • Diploma in Education(Science)
  • Certificate in Early Childhood Development Education(ECDE)
  • P1 course( )
  • Diploma in Counselling and Psychology(Counselling & Psychology)
  • Certificate in Counselling(Counselling)
  • Diploma in Education and Counseling(Edcation and Counseling)

Shanzu Teachers Training College Contacts

Shanzu Teachers’ Training College.

Location: Address:

P.O. Box 90533,

Mombasa 80100.

Telephone: 041-5486151,5486523, 0722-875687 .

Shanzu Teachers Training College Kenya

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