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Sebastian Kolowa University College Tanzania is a constituent college of Tumaini University.

Tumaini University is a Christ-centered university focusing all its programmes through the guidance of and obedience to the word of God and by conducting and promoting higher education, learning, research, through scientific fact-finding and enquiries, to all students and staff without discrimination.

Tumaini University, in the best traditions of a professionally oriented university, provide the kind of education which will serve the development of freedom from diseases, ignorance and poverty for all people in society.

The assurance of freedom includes the removal of hampering influences, which tend to block honest research and studies.

Some of the University’s educational programmes will be progressively harnessed to focus as best as possible on the economic and social development of the people.

At the university and its constituent colleges, new ideas, models and alternatives for the development and promotion of a viable and just human society will be initiated, explored and tested.

The hope and expectation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) is that Tumaini University and its Constituent Colleges will develop into resources centres from which fresh intellectual and spiritual breezes will spring up and spread out far and wide for the renewal of the Church and Society.

The vision and mission statements of SEKUCo derive from the common vision and mission of Tumaini University.

Our Vision is to be a leading African institution of higher learning that fully recognizes and actively professes the human value and dignity of all society members, including people with disabilities, and whereby everyone is able to learn and live in harmony with God, fellow human beings and all creation

Our Mission is to provide High Quality University Level Education that produces graduates who can integrate the Needs, Rights and Potentials of People with different abilities into a holistic perspective of life and creation in various fields of expertise, building upon traditional knowledge simultaneously as we open creative ways for new and constructive innovations.

We mention “people with disabilities” in our Vision and Mission statements because:

• Most Regional and District plans do not include people with disabilities.

• Anyone can acquire disability during the course of life - temporarily or permanently.

• In our view, one criterion by which a nation’s civilization can be measured is how it treats citizens who have disabilities.

• For more than a century, the NED has been putting emphasis on supporting people who are in the lowest stratum of the social pyramid, e.g. people with leprosy, the disabled, orphans, people with mentalhealth problems and other vulnerable groups.

Therefore, our university college intends to:

• run programs which focus directly on producing graduates who will be equipped intellectually, practically and emotionally to serve people who have disabilities;

• mainstream issues about the needs, rights and abilities of people who have physical, sensory, intellectual and/or behavioral barriers into all programmes;


SEKUCo has acquired the Certificate of Provisional Registration of the Tanzania Commission for Universities

Stipulated university governance regulations are thereby imperative as we run our university college.

The organizational set-up as well as the policies of SEKUCo are established by the Governing Board.

In maintaining financial sustainability, SEKUCo will focus on using its resources optimally and identify ways of generating income based on the university college’s Five Years Strategic Plan and Financial Regulations.

Academic integrity:

As a constituent university college of Tumaini University, SEKUCo will pursue programmes which are in harmony with the vision and mission of Tumaini University, having been approved by the Tumaini University Senate.

There are strategies of strengthening SEKUCo’s academic endeavour in terms of Theoretical Knowledge, Practical Training, Research and Services.

Theoretical Knowledge:

SEKUCo administration works hard to attract highly qualified staff members for the university college from within Tanzania and abroad.

SEKUCo seeks to secure land for future expansion of educational facilities.

The ratios of sitting places in the library and computer room to the number of students concur with the required TCU standards.

SEKUCo works aggressively on equipping the library with books. We seek to be a disability friendly university college.

A guiding principle in preparing infrastructure is that disability should not prevent an applicant with right qualifications to join SEKUCo.

Cooperation with other universities will be affirmed in order to enable interchange of knowledge among students and faculty members.

Practical training:

SEKUCo will cooperate with learning institutions of all levels, with special as well as inclusive approaches, to provide its students with good practical knowledge.

Deaconic with a tradition of keeping high standards in delivering service will be given high priority.

Lutindi Mental Hospital was opened in 1904 and is well-known for its humane service to people with mental health problems.

The hospital is run by the North Eastern Diocese of the ELCT and will be used to provide practical training to students when SEKUCo opens the Faculty of Mental Health and Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

A fruitful transmission of practical experience will be upheld by maintaining mixed admissions of pre-service and in-service students.


Courses in Research methods are given high priority from the first semester.

SEKUCo intends to initiate research sources and types of disabilities to enable the innovation of alternative pedagogy and communication.

SEKUCo is acquiring research partners by linking with universities in Tanzania and abroad.Services:

Faculties related to eco-tourism will provide service in form of guided tours associated with short courses for tourists.

The potentials embedded in the unique natural and physical beauty of Magamba will favour a wide spectrum of retreats for people with disabilities, chronic illnesses, families and individuals.

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Sebastian Kolowa University College Tanzania

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