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Yes, an amazing place, an amazing country and amazing people. Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is situated inside the Bwindi forest, and offers luxury accommodation- in line with expectations at the good game parks in Uganda.

The staff were incredible. Very helpful and extremely friendly. Everything was sorted out for us, including organizing our gorilla passes, ensuring we were registered for the excursions etc...

We had nothing to do but pitch up and do the gorilla trekking. Ludovich our butler looked after all our needs and ensured our boots and clothers were always clean through the complimentary laundry service.

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The gorilla trekking experience was unbelievable. We got to within a few metres of these giants.

A must for anyone with a taste for adventure. (We also received a visit from the gorilla's one morning when eating breakfast- this is the only camp that gets visits from the gorilla's but the rangers and park authorities are trying to minimise these interactions).

We took a porter for our trekking- once again a lovely person who helped my wife with the trekking when it got a bit rough along with carrying our bags- he was definitely worth the $20 we paid.

We also took a morning birding walk to the waterfall- another great experience. If you are into birding ask for Fred- the guys knowledge was phenomanal.

The quality of the food we received was good.

The only draw back was the variety offered. We got a selection of two options for starters, main and dessert.

A third option would have been great. (We were the only guests in the camp so that may have changed the amount of options available) When the food came though it was great.

The beverage list is also somewhat limited due to the location.

A selection of wines is available, but if you are looking for premium labels you should probably take your own.

Sanctuary also take a huge social responsibility, and have contributed some USD2 million to the Batwa Community Hospital, either directly or through guest donations.

The hospital is well worth a visit! Although generally suspicious of organised 'cultural experiences', the Batwa experience (not run directly by Sanctuary, so it is an extra cost) was actually wonderful.

It is well worth knowing that the things you will see are not there primarily for tourists, but is the way in which Batwa elders, who once lived in the Bwindi forest, teach the Batwa culture to their children and grandchildren who have not experienced living in the forest themselves.

What made the experience great was the obvious enjoyment of the Batwa - whether they were laughing at us, with us or at themselves I don't know, but something sure was funny! This camp and experience is something I will recommend for everybody.

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