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Why should you study at Rwika Institute of Technology Kenya? To meet the costs of this challenging world, one should always Endeavour to attain quality education.

Do you want quality education that matches the current market and competition in Kenya? Then come and get the best education at Rwika Institute of Technology in Kenya.

This page is about the background history of this college in Kenya, Courses and programs offered at Rwika Institute of Technology, Hostel and Accommodation facilities at Rwika Institute of Technology,

Admission forms and requirements to study at this college in Kenya, Fee structure and payment option and all you need to know about Rwika Institute of Technology in Kenya before you waste your precious time travelling there.

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Courses offered at Rwika Institute of Technology

  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering(Electrical Engineering)
  • Certificate in Electronics(Electronics)
  • Artisan Certificate in Masonry(Masonry)
  • Certificate in Food and Beverage Management(Food and Beverage Management)
  • Certified Public Accountant(CPA)
  • Diploma in Clothing Technology(Clothing Technology)
  • Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Engineering)
  • Accounting Technician Certificate(ATC)
  • Diploma in Construction Technology(Construction Technology)
  • Certificate in Automotive Engineering(Automotive Engineering)
  • Certificate in Secretarial Studies(Secretarial Studies)
  • Certificate in Garment Making(Garment Making)
  • Certificate in Electrical Installation(Electrical Installation)
  • Certificate in Masonry, Carpentry and Joinery( )

More About Rwika

About Us Rwika Training Institute is a community-focused development and training institution without governmental, religious, or political affiliation.

The institute was initiated in 1984 and has since then been offering these service to the community and the nation at large.

It was registered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on the same year as a training institution. 

The institute is managed by the Board of Governors, who are experienced in the areas of social work, educational institutions management, business management, human resources management, finance and accounting, and environmental health, among others. 

We are members of a number of international organizations and associations and an examination center for KNEC, ICM UK, AQA UK, and ABMA, among others.

 The Institution offers certificate and diploma courses in Community Development, agriculture technology, motor vehicle management, and business studies, to name a few. A number of short courses and consultancy services are available here as well. 

Since the establishment, we have distinguished ourselves as a center for excellence, drawing students from virtually all major government departments and the private sector.

 The institute is a well-organized and is divided into eight departments like – General agriculture, Building technology, Food and beverage technology, Clothing technology, Motor vehicle mechanics, Electrical and electronic engineering, Computer science, and Business studies. 

We revise the syllabus and study materials to give our students strong base for the competition. Our staff are experienced to give high quality educational facilities to each student.

They have great contribution in designing all the educational courses. They even guide students for future competency, for a successful future.

Rwika Institute of Technology Contacts

Physical Location: Embu-Kiritiri

Postal Address: 1264 – 60100

City: Embu

Telephone: 068-31100

Rwika Institute of Technology Kenya

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