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The whole site where the Royal Reserve Safari and Beach Club in Kikambala Mombasa Kenya is located was amazing. It was calm, peaceful and the perfect place for us to relax.

The swimming pool was clean and very big, well maintained.

The room was very large and clean, almost like a holiday house with a nice living room, kitchen and bedrooms and bathrooms.

Enough space for four of us and a fold down bed in case there was another. Balcony was a nice place to relax.

I went in June/July so it was really hot and this hotel was the best place to be in Kenya at that time.

The workers at the hotel were very friendly and good to talk to.

There was a decent gym and sauna, and good sports facilities such as tennis and volleyball.

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The restaurant and nightly entertainment at the hotel was really good too.

The beach was alright, full of rocks but was okay to walk on. And the welcome we got at the hotel reception made us feel like royalty. There was also a mini market on site for groceries.

The hotel is comfortable, clean, well equipped and welcoming.
You do have to remember that you are on the East African coast not in a western city, so the infrastructure can look a little tired and the power drops out regularly.

However, the generator kicks in quickly and the staff do their best to keep everything as ship shape as possible, especially the grounds which are a lush and green oasis.

On the way to the hotel it is easy to be put off by the extremes of mud huts and electric fences.

Most of the people here are very poor, and the rich ones go to extremes to protect what they have - this was all part of the experience for us. If you feel the same, try and spend some time with the local people, easily arranged through your tour contact.

The hotel food is very good and quite good value

The Kingfisher is the only bar/restaurant within a short walk, the food was poor quality, but the setting is great (in a lush green "Glade") making it a nice place to have a drink.

However, insect repellent is a must and take a torch!

Taking a small torch is a good idea anyway, with the power cuts, lack of lighting outside the hotel and reading menu's in candlelight!

We thoroughly enjoyed our safari and various tours including snorkelling on the reef and a day on another beach, but trips are so personal you need to make up your own mind which ones you fancy.

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