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After the mad rush of the Christmas season, we arrived to Pole Pole for a new year's rest and rejuvenation in the quiet of a secluded resort under the tropical sun. The relaxed and friendly nature of the ever sunny Robyn our host ensured our needs were met.

We enjoyed the "Pole Pole" spirit very much. It is difficult to describe the Pole Pole spirit, you have to go and experience it your self!
Excellent snorkeling. Different suggestions for daily activities.
We would like to go back to Pole Pole.

Where do I start...well the rooms are beautiful, everything is made from wood and natural, local products and everything is thought about; my favourite thing being the electric fan above the bed on the terrace...what a wonderful place for an afternoon snooze!

The beach at high tide is simply stunning - but its hard to choose where to lounge - beach or pool, beach or pool..hardest decision you have to make!

The restaurant offers wonderful views out to the Indian Ocean and one of the best places in the world to sit back and enjoy an ice cold gin and tonic - its so exclusive, quiet and peaceful.

The food is truly wonderful - everyday another amazing menu - 3 courses at lunch and 4 courses at dinner! From beautiful griddled prawns or a trio of brochette to freshly made ricotta and spinach ravoli and fantastic seared tuna steaks - huge complements to the chef!

In fact massive thanks to all the staff at PolePole who manage to be attentive and friendly while not being intrusive.

A special thank you has to go to one of the most delightful managers I have ever met - Robyn is so kind and you can tell she genuinely wants to make your holiday so special - which it was! I'll definitely be back!

Each meal was a culinary delight, a combination of local food with an Italian touch with seafood the highlight.

Nothing pretentious, just perfect the combination to make you feel at ease, much like the resort itself.

Thatched bungalow, with a view east to the rising sun, and nestled in a cove, away from the strong winds that hit the neighbouring resort, it was easy on the eyes and comfortable all around.

Excursions planned each night, and all a delight, sailing to picnics on the sandbanks, scuba diving through colourful coral reefs, and snorkeling with impressive whale sharks.

We were fortunate to have had perfect weather, but even if the rain had poured Pole Pole lived up to our expectations and we left ready for 2012.

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