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My first impression of Ora Resort My Blue Hotel in Nungwi Zanzibar was excellent. We were welcomed in the reception area with welcome drinks and the staff was very warm and welcoming. We wanted to stay on the northern side of Zanzibar, Nungwi, because many of the reviews that we came across said that it was the best part of the island to stay in if you're young and want to be close to the social activities.

We immediately felt comfortable on arrival. It was also really beautiful.

The hotel rooms are built around the pool and bar area, which is quite nice and it is super close walking distance to the beach.

We enjoyed walking along the beach for hours every morning and evening.

From all the hotels we walked past, MyBlue, Royal Zanzibar and Z-Hotel were one of the few hotels with the best access and views of the beach.

We were so glad to not have stayed on the East Coast because the water recedes for almost 1km during the day and the water is hot (uncomfortable hot).

So in terms of location, MyBlue has an excellent location.

It is within close walking distance to all the snorkeling and scuba diving facilities, but not right on top of it, which is great because you don't get bugged to go on trips whenever any locals see you.

In terms of the food and drinks, we were on the full board package which included food and drinks but didn't include alcohol.

The alcohol is not excessively expensive, but not cheap either.

So either bring your own or you can purchase from a small liquor shop next to the Z-Hotel, which is within short walking distance from MyBlue.

The food was okay. If you're a meat lover, you are going to miss eating meat.

The hotel usually serves fish and only serves chicken and beef occasionally, so if you see meat, grab some before it disappears.

They serve pasta everyday for those that enjoy that. It is an Italian resort after all, so I guess that was expected.

Try to avoid the salads because they are washed with tap water, not mineral water, and as a foreigner, you may get sick if your tummy isn't made from steel.

Overall, the food was okay, not lavishly excellent, but not bad at all. You can definitely go for the seafood dinner for two, where they set up a romantic, private dinner for two, but you have to pay separately for it.

As for the service, it was okay as well. It was a bit difficult to communicate with some of the employees, especially the manager because he is Italian and his English isn't so good.

What I did enjoy about the service though is the bar and house keeping staff.

They are always so friendly and they never give you attitude if you don't tip them.

They always greet you with a smile and ask you how you're enjoying yourself, which is great.

The house keeping staff is super dedicated as they come into your room every evening to spray mosquito repellant and put the mosquito net over your bed.

The rooms are really great. We had a nice view of the pool and the room was clean, modern and very comfortable. We had room service everyday, and there was the house keeping staff had no expectation to be tipped everyday.

Overall, we had a nice experience at MyBlue. Every hotel has its hiccups and the ones I experienced here I can easily overlook because the whole experience was quite good.

I definitely recommend it to couples who are looking for affordable yet good accommodation in Nungwi.

I would definitely go to MyBlue again but I would opt for the half board package as it is within close walking distance to many restaurants whose meals are quite reasonably priced.

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