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We head to the Nyumbu Tented Camp, located just outside the park’s Talek Gate, and arrive just in time to have a catered lunch.

Our tented camp is a collection of 16 permanent residence tents on stonemason slabs.

The camp is powered by large solar cells, and sits within the wildlife area.

We no sooner finish lunch, and three Zebra wander through camp, and from our front porch seats,

we spot a group of Wildebeest and a family of six elephants. The camp has a large and helpful staff, and its food is spectacular.

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At 4:00pm, we leave for a dusk game drive through the park.

We are accompanied by a Maasai Guide, Edward, who guides us through the park to the Talek River, passing more Wildebeest, Zebras, Gazelles, Antelope, and Giraffe until we happen upon a pack of Hyena who have obviously just eaten, with distended stomachs, and lack of vigor.

We spot a majestic Martial Eagle, and a snake-eating Secretary Bird, a 3-foot tall stork-looking creature with tufted crests upon his head.

Our first major highlight of the evening, however, was as at the top of the river’s embankment, where we came across a pride of six Lions, napping and resting in the grass.

From our open, exposed vehicle, not 5 meters away, we watched the 3 adult females, and the other 3 young adult Lions for nearly one-half hour, at which point we started to draw a crowd, and so we moved on. However, just 10 minutes ahead, we came across another female adult lion, up and searching for her next meal.

Our second highlight came soon afterwards, as on a mound, 60 meters away, sitting tall was a king of land speed, an adult Cheetah.

He sat attentively, watching a Servel Cat who was entering his territory. When the Cat approached too close, the Cheetah let out with a tremendous burst of speed, sending the Cat scurrying for its life.

With the problem resolved, the Cheetah returned to his throne and took up his surveying of the plains below.

By now, the sun was setting, and we started the journey back to the Camp. In the distance, translucent veils of showers played with the setting sun to cast an orange brilliance on the horizon.

We arrived back at camp at 7:00pm, and after shooing the Zebra grazing away from our tent door, we washed, changed, and headed to dinner.

With Zebras and Wildebeest around the tent all night, it was not unusual to wake to snorts and grunts, and the sound of hooves on the ground around us.

We rose with the sun, showered and made our way to breakfast, looking out over the river bottom at the foot of the camp, and the antelope covered plains beyond.

We left for a day of Game Drive in Maasai Mara Park with our driver, Samuel, at 8:0am, and we were not disappointed.

My advise for the traveler who ventures to Nyumbu.... On the first evening as you lie awake in your tent with the sounds of lion, hyena and zebra so close you think they will trample your tent...Don't be afraid...inhale deeply and experience a rare treat....

You are safe with the protection of the Masai on guard.... But I can tell you it will get your heart racing! After calming yourself with the thoughts of this rare experience, you will sleep like a baby in exotic comfort!!!

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