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Nile Safari Lodge in Uganda is a wonderful place to stay.

The staff was welcoming and attentive.

The rooms were comfortable, each with its own balcony looking over the Nile,and the grounds were beautifully kept.

The good quality mattresses ensured a good night's sleep.

We could hear the hippos below our cabin, the toads and - in the morning - the birds. The pool has a lovely outlook and was well kept.

The food was delicious. Not much more to say really!

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The Nile Safari Lodge strikes a perfect balance of serene comfort and a spirit of adventure.

Set high above a wide expanse of the Victoria Nile, the Lodge's terraced shared spaces take full advantage of magnificent views.

Every built space, from the dining area to the individual cottages, is at once cozy and open, one with the surround.

We stayed 3 nights in two different cottages, both were among trees with front porches perched high above the river, a great place to watch a family of black faced Vervet monkeys and a red breasted double toothed barbet eating fruits on our first evening at the lodge. T

ucked in under your mosquito net one feels safe, but the night is full of frog song from the river below.

Each day began well before sunrise, but the staff shares the excitement of the upcoming adventure.

A full hot breakfast, as well as packed lunches, were always ready in time to catch the ferry at the start of the game drive.

Murchison Falls National Park is a beautiful and varied landscape. Worth the visit even if wildlife were not so abundant.

Birds were our focus and in the course of a hike in the area of the lodge, two game drives, and boat excursions in both directions on the river we saw over 150 species.

We also saw thousands of hippos, crocodiles of all sizes, elephants, gorgeous Rothchild's giraffes, Uganda Kob, Oribi, African buffalo, warthogs, waterbuck, monitor lizards, baboon, Redtail and Patas monkey, and a beautiful young male lion.

There was so much to see and do, we never stopped roaming till the Nightjars reappeared.

Then it was back to the lodge for a rustic, but hot shower under the moon, and a candle light dinner.

Meals were delicious and the service excellent. We found the atmosphere comfortable, easy to meet new people and to have privacy as one chose.

Clearly, we had a perfectly wonderful few days, just not enough time to simply lay about the pool. Next time.

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