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Mwembe Resort in Malindi Kenya is located 1.5 km from the town centre, 900 meters off Lamu Road which is the main street of Malindi.

Hotel has free shuttle van transportation from hotel to town at 9, 10, 12, 12, 14 and 16 o'clock and 10 past the same hours back to the hotel.

However, this is on request so you must book it either way. Taxi to/from town costs 300 ksh (Kenyan shillings) and tuk-tuk 100 ksh one-way.

As this resort is not located on beach this same free hotel shuttle takes you to beach at 10 am and picks up at 16.20 every day, on request.

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Resort consists of several buildings, 2-3 apartments in each. Main building has reception open for 24 hours and bar next to it.

There are two swimming pools with sunbeds and shades where mattresses and towels are provided free of charge. Quite basic gym with small sauna room and massage room without a/c is located next to outdated tennis court.

Entrance gates with massive wooden doors are always kept closed and not even taxis can enter the hotel yard. There are gatekeepers always on duty letting people in/out and informing when taxis have arrived.

Breakfast is served in the bar from 7 am onwards.

There are 3 options: fresh fruits and yoghurt for 500 ksh, bacon+eggs+toasts for 600 ksh and Italian cakes for 700 ksh, each including coffee or tea.

Variety of snacks like hot dogs, salads .sandwiches and omelettes are also served in the bar. Complementary tea and biscuits are served at 16.30 daily.

An excellent Italian restaurant Lorenzo is located next to the bar inside the resort area, but is a business of its own. Lunch from 12 to 14 and dinner from 19.30 to 22, highly recommended!

Apartment: We stayed in apartment number 16. It was a two bedroom apartment for 6 people.

Major bedroom had a double bed surrounded by mosquito net and a big bathroom accessible from it only.

Bathroom had bidet, toilet and bath but no shower. There was a wardrobe with tiny little safety box, 1000 ksh a week.

The second bedroom had two single beds that could be moved and put together. Pillows were stone hard and were not replaced however kindly asked.

There were mosquito nets on windows (as in all of them) and therefore the beds didn't have any but one net was covering the bedroom entrance door.

Bathroom, including toilet+bidet+shower unit, was located in the hall. Hot water boiler is located under the sink and be easily switched off as the switch is next to the light switch covered by waterproof plastic or rubber lid. While taking clothes out of wardrobes be careful not to hurt your back to these windows frames.

Living room had a sleep-in sofa bed covered with mosquito net from the ceiling.

There was satellite TV but I never watched it. Kitchen, or kitchenette, was very basic, fridge ridiculously small, making cooking very unappealing, but ok to make a snack occasionally.\

Dinner table had room and chairs for 4 people only? Do not leave any food not even breadcrumbs on the table as thousands of pharaoh ants will come up immediately.

Tap water is salted, but fresh water is sold and installed to a very handy ”hot and cold water dispenser” by reception for only 500 ksh for 20 litres. Windows open dangerously 90 degrees into the rooms.

All in all, Malindi is a nice place to spend holiday,

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