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Moi University is compared to none when we are looking for the best University in Western Kenya. On this page therefore we bring you all you need to know about its background history, schools and programmes at Moi University in Western Kenya

Courses offered at  Moi University Kenya


The following undergraduate programmes are offered at moi university in the respective schools. Please click on the school name to go to the school's website.

 School of Aerospace Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Science and Operations

School of Arts and Social Sciences

  •     Bachelor of Arts in Creative Arts (Theatre arts)
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Geography
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literary Studies (Linguistics)
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Theatre and Film Studies
  •     Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration

School of Business and Economics

  • Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
  •  Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM)
  •  Bachelor of Travel and Tour Operations Management
  •  Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
  •  Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  •  Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics & Resource Management
  •  Bachelor of Sports Management

 School of Dentistry

  • Bachelor of dental surgery (BDS -5 years)

School of Education

  •     Bachelor of Education [Arts]
  •     Bachelor of Education [Education Science]
  •     Bachelor of Education [Technology Education]
  •     Bachelor of Education [Guidance and Counselling]
  •     Bachelor of Education [Early Childhood and Primary Education]

 School of Engineering

  • B. Eng. in Civil and Structural Engineering
  • B. Eng. in Mechanical and Production Engineering
  • B. Eng. in Industrial and Textile Engineering
  • B. Eng. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B. Eng. in Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering
  • B. Eng. in Chemical and Process Engineering

 School of Human Resource Development

  • Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate in Public Relations
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate in Project Management
  • Certificate in Public Speaking
  • Diplomas in Human Resources
  • Diplomas in Public Relations
  • Diplomas in Entrepreneurship
  • Diplomas in Project Management 
  • Diplomas in Journalism
  • Bachelor of Science in Communications and Public Relations
  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communication
  • Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Strategic Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Entreprenuership
  • Bachelor of Science in Project Planning and Management

School of Biological and Physical Sciences

  •     Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) with majors in one of the following; Botany, Chemistry, Physics, or Zoology,
  •     Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (AS),
  •     Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics with Computing (AST),
  •     Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry,
  •     Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS) and
  •     Bachelor of Science in Microbiology.
  • Bachelor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Surgery
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Physical Therapy
  • Bachelor of Medical Psychology
  • School of Public Health
  •     Diploma in Community Health
  •     Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
  • School of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Undergraduate)
  • Master of Science in Nursing

School of Information Sciences

  •     Bachelor of Science in Informatics
  •     Bachelor of Science (Information Sciences)
  •     Bachelor of Science (Media Science)

School of Law

  • Bachelor Law (LLB)
  • School of Medicine

Information for New Students


Moi University, currently, has three campuses namely; Main Campus which is thirty five (35) Kilometers South East of Eldoret Town, the Town campus comprising the Hospital Campus situated at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, housing School of Medicine & School o f Public Health, Town Annex Campus housing School of Law and the Edoret West Campus housing Evening Programmee and later School of Business & Economics and the Annex which house the students of Law three (3) Kilometers of the Eldoret-Nairobi Road.

The campuses are served by Matatus, which operate, from Eldoret Town.

Students reporting at the Main Campus can board the Matatus at the Matatu terminus on Hospital road while those reporting at Chepkoilel Campus can board them on the Eldoret-Iten Road opposite the Uasin Gishu District Hospital next to the Public Library.

Those reporting at the School of Medicine and School of Public Health or Law respectively can walk or take a Taxi from Eldoret Town.


Student are expected to arrive between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the opening day for registration at the respective Campuses indicated in their letter of offer.

Any student arriving after 5:00 p.m. will not be registered nor be given Accommodation until the following day.


All students who are not citizens of East Africa must be in possession of VALID PASSPORT BEFORE arriving in Kenya.

Temporary travel documents are not acceptable to the Immigration Authority in Kenya.

In addition, all non-citizens must obtain re-entry permits from their own territorial Immigration Department to cover the duration of the courses and must bring their passport with them when they come to register at the University.


Kenya students who wish to be considered for the Kenya Government Loan and Bursary should complete the necessary forms.

The forms are enclosed with the admission documents.


You are required to complete in quadruplicate and attach passport size photograph, on a yellow background, on each form.

The photographs should bear names of candidates and admission number in FULL (NO INITIALS PLEASE) on the reverse side.

(This information is important in the event of the photographs being misplaced).

Forward one completed copy of the personal details form (MUJI/2) together with the acceptance letter MUJI/1 to the Chief Academic Officer immediately.


a) Non-Kenyan Students 

All Non-Kenyan students must produce evidence of adequate financial support before coming to the University.

The evidence must be in the form of a letter from sponsoring body guaranteeing adequate financial support for the entire duration of the course. Fees will be collected at the time of registration.

b) Clothing, Pocket money, Laundry 

Non-Kenyan students are advised to bring with them between 6,000/= (Six Thousand Shillings only) and Kshs. 12,000/= (Twelve Thousand Shilling only) per Semester for the above expenses. In addition they may bring at least Kshs. 5,000/= (Five Thousand Shillings only) for incidental expenses.


Admission into the University is subject to receipt of satisfactory Medical Report.

Students are, therefore required to undergo medical examination by the recognized medical practitioner before coming to the University.

Form MUJI/3 is enclosed for this purpose and should be returned to us with your Acceptance of Admission.

If this is not possible it should be submitted at the time of registration.


A health clinic is opened to all students at the Campus. Please note that the University does not provide health services as detailed in 9 and 10 below.

The University is not responsible for expenses incurred with hospitals, physicians or pharmacists without prior referral.


Students not residing in University Halls of Residence are expected to make their own arrangements for medical attention, however, when on campus services of the University Clinic will be open to them.


The University does not provide dental or optical treatment.

Any student having or suspecting eye trouble should consult opticians and where necessary get spectacles before coming to the University.

Students with dental and eye problems will be directed to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital for treatment.


Arrangements have been made for a wide range of sporting activities and games.

As a residential Campus, extra-curricula activities are essential for total human development and students are advised to participate in as many sporting activities as possible.

Games Track Suits can be purchased from the University Bookshop.

Students are also expected to bring two pairs of shorts (men) gym skirt/tunic (for women), T-Shirt and game shoes.


University students are expected to observe regulations governing the conduct and discipline of students while in the University. The regulations are enclosed for your information.


No student will be registered without producing the following: -

  •     The admission letter
  •     Original result slip/certificate (which will be returned to the student after verification of its authenticity).
  •     Two photocopies of the Result slip/certificates
  •     Three copies of the completed personal details form.
  •     Copy of the National Identity Card or Birth Certificate for those who are below 18 year old.
  •     Receipts for requisite fees from the Finance Department.



Dean of Students,

P.O. Box 3900 

Eldoret, Kenya 


Brief History Of Moi University 

Moi University is a Kenyan public university located in Eldoret, western Kenya.

It was the second public university to be established in Kenya, second only to the University of Nairobi.

It is one of seven fully fledged public institutions of higher learning in Kenya (the others being the University of Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Maseno University, Egerton University, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology and Kenyatta University).

It was established in 1984 by the Moi University Act of Parliament after recommendations from the Mackay Commission.

As of 2007 it had over 20,000 students of whom 17,086 were undergraduates, and operates eight campuses and two constituent colleges.

Schools at Moi University in Kenya

The university emphasizes science and technology. It has the following schools:

• School of Business and Economics

• School of Education

• School of Information Sciences

• School of Engineering

• School of Medicine

• School of Dentistry

• School of Public Health

• School of Law

• School of Arts and Social Sciences

• School of Aerospace Science

• School of Human Resource Development

• School of Biological Sciences

Moi University Campuses

• Main Campus

• Town Campuses

Moi university Satellite campuses

• Alupe Campus

• Kericho Campus

• Central Kenya Campus

• Southern Nyanza Campus

• Chepkoilel Campus

• Nairobi Campus

• Odera Akang'o Campus

• Coast Campus

Moi university Constituent colleges

• Kabianga University College

• Narok University College

• Meru University College

• Chepkoilel University

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Moi University in Kenya

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