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Milele Villas in Zanzibar is amazing! The villas are spacious and beautiful.

What really makes this place, though, is the staff.

Jasu especially couldn't be more helpful and considerate.

He seemed to be there whenever you thought you might need him!

I visited Milele Villas with three friends after three weeks of traveling through Kenya.

Milele was the highlight of our entire trip and one of the most spectacular places I have ever been to. 

Staff - There are countless things to rave about Milele, but the staff is what made our trip truly special.

Ronny the owner was a pleasure to deal with in booking our stay.

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 The managers, Gustav and Jasu, were super fun and catered to our every need! They helped us with booking tours, shopping, and provided transportation to other parts of the island. The rest of the staff was also great!

Food - The food, prepared by a private chef on the beach, rivaled anything I've had around the world. The fish was extremely fresh and even the presentation was great. Our booking included breakfast and a 4-5 course nightly dinner.

Grounds - The accommodations were also out of this world. The villas are absolutely gorgeous (the website pictures doesn't do the place justice) and all the furnishings are awesome. The pool is great and the beach is secluded (and has a smaller swimming area just down the beach).

I wasn't planning on returning to Zanzibar in the near future, but all I can think about is coming back to Milele Villas. I'll be back soon and will recommend it to everyone I know!

This place is gorgeous and has an excellent wait staff that will take care of all your needs. The chef prepared delicious 3-5 course meals every day of my groups three day stay. The staff was very nice, kept the place spotless and always made themselves available. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a relaxing getaway

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