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Are you searching for Meru Town Shopping Centres? It will be disappointing to visit a place and fail to get a place to buy bread. On this page therefore, I’m much happy to introduce you to the best shopping arcades, supermarkets, cheap stores and food markets in Meru.

Centre of Commerce

Meru City is the Commercial capital of Northern and Eastern Kenya.

It hosts a Central Bank of Kenya’s Currency Centre serving the North Eastern Half of Kenya.

Meru has 22 banks branches. Kenya’s largest Banks, Equity, Barclay and Co-Operative operating two branches each.

business, agricultural and educational center for the northeast of Kenya.

Agricultural Centre

Meru City serves as the centre for an important coffee producing area. Virtually all smallholder-grown, much of Meru’s Coffee is shade-grown.

Meru's coffee crops come twice a year, corresponding to the two rainy seasons, but the main crop in Meru comes at a somewhat different time than that elsewhere in Kenya, due to different weather patterns on the northeast slopes of Mt. Kenya and the Nyambenene ranges.

It is all grown at high-altitudes in the volcanic soils of the district.

It is processed by farmers cooperatives which own coffee factories near the farmers, and a regional KPCU coffee warehouse at Mwiteria.

Meru serves one of the Kenya’s prime tea producing areas, with three tea factories – Michii Mikuru, Kiegoi - to its North and four – Githongo, Imenti, Kionyo, Weru - to the South Meru is the prime Miraa (Khat) growing area in Kenya.

Many farmers prefer miraa since it is financially lucrative to produce. Meru Dairy Co-Operative Society’s Dairy Plant is located in the cities Industrial Area.

Nubian Foods.

Meru Co-Operative Unions runs a maize milling plant located along Nanyuki Rd.

Therefore, some of you may consider shopping an integral part of your Kenya holiday experience.

Kenya markets are filled with local crafts and craftsmen at work. Craft stands and markets can be spotted all around Kenya towns.

As in most areas and Kenya as a whole, there is a huge range of cheap souvenirs to be purchased along the roadside while on your Kenya safari.These are handmade but mass-produced, so always check the quality before buying.

Taking a local guide is a good idea. Take care to leave all valuables behind and keep an eye out for pickpockets.

Conscious Shopping - avoid anything with shells or pieces of coral, and definitely be alert when it comes to anything made from animal products -- some unscrupulous types will even try to sell you ivory.

What to pay While on Kenya Shopping Spree :

Pay the seller a small fee for taking the picture.

Suggestion for a Smooth Kenya Shopping :

• Rent a taxi for the day and have them stay with you and bring you back to your hotel.

• Beware of snatch and grab, con artists, or groups of people following you. The best advice for a tourist is to stay in city centre, know where you are at all times, and pretend you know where you're going (even if you don't).

• Don't carry large quantities of money or passports on the street, and the general rule is that anyone trying to talk to you (there will be many) is up to no good.

• Scams abound. In recent years, crime has significantly reduced, though one should still be wary.

What’s your favorite shopping centre in Meru area? Do you own a shop in this area?

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