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Why should you study at Mathenge Technical Institute Kenya? To meet the costs of this challenging world, one should always Endeavour to attain quality education. Do you want quality education that matches the current market and competition in Kenya? Then come and get the best education at Mathenge Technical Institute in Kenya.

This page is about the background history of this college in Kenya, Courses and programs offered at Mathenge Technical Institute, Hostel and Accommodation facilities at Mathenge Technical Institute,

Admission forms and requirements to study at this college in Kenya, Fee structure and payment option and all you need to know about Mathenge Technical Institute in Kenya before you waste your precious time travelling there.

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Courses offered at Mathenge Technical Institute

The Institute was started back in 1960 when the local community donated 26 acres of their land for community based education, the foundation stone was laid by Hon.J.M.Kariuki who was the Minister of Agriculture on August 2nd 1969.

  • Diploma in Business Administration(Business Administration)
  • Certificate in Computer Applications(Computer Applications)
  • Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  • Certificate in Sales & Marketing(Sales & Marketing)
  • Diploma in Sales & Marketing(Sales & Marketing)
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)
  • Diploma in Co-operative Management(Co-operative Management)
  • Certificate in Co-operative Management(Co-operative Management)
  • Diploma in Food and Beverage Management(Food and Beverage Management)
  • Diploma in Building & Construction(Building Construction)
  • Diploma in Automotive Engineering(Automotive Engineering)
  • Certificate in Garment Making(Garment Making)
  • Diploma in Clothing Technology(Clothing Technology)
  • Diploma in Computer Studies(Computer Studies)
  • Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics(Motor Vehicle Mechanics)
  • Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)
  • Certificate in Business management(Business Management)
  • Diploma in Information Communication Technology(ICT)
  • Bachelor of Science(Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design)

Catering & Accommodation

Mathenge Technical Training Institute caters for both day and Boarding students.

We therefore have spacious accommodation facilities that are continuously improved to meet the specific needs of the growing student’s population.

The institute has separate accommodation facilities for male and female students.

Each hostel is allocated a Head of Hostel who is a Teaching staff in the institution. 

Currently, Mr. Joseph King’ori is the is the Lecturer in charge of Men’s Hostel while Miss. Lucy Wanyeri is the ladies hostel. In addition, the institute has a house-keeper. 

The students elect a Minister for Housing and an assistant in charge of Male and Female. 

Our students are advised to ensure they are conversant with the hostel rules and regulations and observe them.

The boarding students are offered all meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Midmorning and Mid Afternoon teas). 

Day scholars are offered day meals (midmorning tea, Lunch and afternoon tea).

Students Welfare

Welfare of the students in Mathenge Technical Training Institute is considered crucial to the well being of the entire Institute community.

The Institute has an office of the Dean of Students that takes care of the Students Welfare Services.

The aim of the service is to provide appropriate, confidential and effective advice to students to aid in the resolution process. It serves as a link between the Institute administration and the student fraternity.

The Dean of Students works in conjunction with the Heads of Department, Patrons to various clubs and Associations, The Head of Hostels, The catering officer, the Students Council and officers in areas touching on matters affecting students' life and welfare. 

Students are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible in order to make their academic life worthwhile. These include activities of Student Council, student clubs, societies and associations.

In conjunction with relevant organs of the Institute, the office of the Dean of Students' also co-ordinates activities that affect student's health, Accommodation and Catering, Sports, Career and placement services.

We will endeavor to provide practical assistance where possible. However, positive referral advice will also be given where necessary, either to other departments within Mathenge Technical Training Institute or to outside agencies. As part of the resolution process students must also take responsibility for their part in this process. 

Specialist advice is also available to students with financial difficulties, international students and students with disabilities. Our Staffs are available throughout the academic period.

To ensure the wholesome development of the students, the following clubs/societies are currently registered with the Dean's office:

  • Christian Union
  • Catholic Association
  • Scouting Movement
  • Drama Club
  • School Choir

The institute encourages students to form clubs and societies to develop their talents and meet their interests.

The Dean of Students and the team is available to assist students with any challenges they may experience whilst at Institute. Staff within the team has many years' experience of dealing with a whole range of problems, large and small.

Games & Sports

Mathenge Technical Training Institute started when the institute admitted the first group of students 1986.

The main objectives was to develop positive altitude towards physical actives personal health and fitness.

The institute holds ball games, indoor games and athletics both locally and with other institution in Mt. Kenya region and nationally.

The department is headed by the Games master and her assistant together them are coaches in different disciplinaries. The games master acts as a link between the students and the administration.

The sports department seeks to fulfill the following objectives.

Identify talents and guide students in developing them

Use his leisure time to occupy himself others positively by creating performing and appreciating sporting activities.

Co-operate with others and contribute positively as a member of a group through movement experiences

Be self-disciplined by understanding the importance of the rules and regulations of sports and serious training for competition

Understand, practice in and develop both national and international sports for the preservation and promotion of its own.

The sports department has student’s committee members who work together with the games master and coaches.

They consist of;

Minister of sports.

Assistant minister

Captains of various disciplinaries.

Students should be introduced to sports and taught basic skills and techniques involved in all the Physical Education actvities.

This is to enable them to learn and be able to perform the skills proficiently and thus enjoyment will reflect their achievement.

Mathenge Technical Institute Contacts

P.O Box 665, Othaya, Kenya, 10106

Telephone020-352664 ,0725737174, 0734146427


Mathenge Technical Institute Kenya

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