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As you arrive you might immediately notice how beautiful and quiet the streets are that lead to Lotus Hotel in Mombasa – much in contrast to Nkrumah Ave only a block away.

It’s like the Lotus is in a different world compared to the bustle of that main street.

The gardens are full of flowers.

And once you arrive in the hotel you will probably immediately notice the lush leafy plants placed in the entry way which keep the courtyards cool and shady and calm. 

We arrived and they did not have our internet reservation.

But they did have rooms. Contrary to other hotels the Lotus did not charge more for a twin than a double (yay!).

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They took us upstairs and we settled ourselves into the quite large room. There was a double bed and a single bed and two sitting chairs, a desk and chair, and a small tv. And there is an Air Conditioner – blissful.

The rooms are well outfitted with closet space if you like to unpack your things. They gave us a little welcome pack which I thought was a real touch of class – toothpaste, a comb, a shower cap, and soap.

One pack per person. The bathroom looks like it was last fitted in the 70’s (as does the rest of the room) but it is very functional and clean and big with a toilet, tub, hot water shower nozel, sink, big mirror.

So all in all the room is comfortable, cool, spacious, well outfitted and clean. The real “deal sealers” for the lotus are the location and the common space.

The common space is simple but it consists of a restaurant (ok) and a lounge space (great!). The lounge is in the central courtyard, and they have covered it over with a rain cover. It is very cool and breezy.

They serve very cold drinks with very nice service.

They also have a full menu of foods, typical of what you find in African establishments.. ranging from goat, to curries, to pizza.

It really is a very nice place to relax after the day and to not have to spend too much money because it is more locally priced.

I recommend highly if you are arriving to take one night at the Lotus on your way in or out and see Mombasa that way instead of doing the day trip from your beach hotel which will… cost you time, and money, and take you away from the beach.

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