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Anyone who feels inspired by the generosity, simplicity and warmth of Africa can only but LOVE Lamu House Hotel in Kenya.

Lamu House offers unpretentious luxury, while radiating the African values and Africa’s authenticity. No need to worry about security at all.

Lamu House Hotel is the most stylish and elegant hotel in Lamu.

Not too big, but with spacious rooms that each have their own personal terrace.

Each corner of the hotel is beautifully decorated; gorgeous furniture, artwork on the walls, cosy lounges filled with pillows...

Lamu House is an oasis of luxury in the middle of Lamu town.

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Being close to a little harbor, their is always that liveliness of local African life (while Shela on the other hand is a bit more posh and remote of Swahili life).

The gentle breeze coming from the sea, the beautiful dows in front of you and a stunning beach only 5 minutes away - make Lamu House located perfectly.

The hotel is spotless and the service excellent - from the kikoy welcome gift to the jasmine flowers that lay on your bed every evening.

We especially enjoyed the hospitality and warmth of the staff; everything is hakuna matata! Frank and Marianne are just the nicest people and will do everything to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

You can relax and hang out by the pool or if you are in a more active mood, Frank will arrange various trips - snorkeling, dolphin spotting, a dow day-trip... everything will be organized for you. And last but not least: the food is just superb. I’ll definitely be back.

If lamu is one of Kenya's crown pearls, then The Lamu House is defenitely the jewel on that crown! Even those who belong to the real globetrotters like myself, spoiled by more dan the average accomodation, will come to the conclusion that The Lamu House is one of those places that inspire.

Its location, its architecture, its food and its atmosphere,... it has it all. That the owners have chosen this place, in the middle of the hart of this vibrating old town, a little bit away from the beachy hotels, might seem a disadvantage.

But it is not at all a disadvantage, on the contrary. It makes you feel to be really a guest of this old old city and its nice inhabitants.

Here you are in the center of activity, the distance between the hotel and the real daily life at Lamu is nothing more than just the doorstep.

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Lamu House Hotel in Lamu kenya

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