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We stayed at the Kimana Tented Camp an unforgettable safari.

We traveled five: me, my two companions of adventure, our driver and guide Masai.

We stayed at the Kimana Tented Camp for 3 nights and is the ideal solution for those who want to sleep inside the MASAI MARA without spending capital.

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The field is located just past the entrance to the MASAI MARA, just after the village MASAI local, so to achieve it you can enjoy unique and beautiful country scenes (children playing, women busy in household chores, groups of Masai warriors gathered under the trees).

You enter the field through a bridge in single file. It is not a luxury camp and does not offer comfort but you can appreciate life / local culture fully.

I recommend it to those who can adapt. And 'run by the local Masai tribe and consists of tents, not entirely isolated, immersed in the bush.

The tents are equipped with screens in the bathrooms ... not exactly brand new just missing.

It 's recommended to bring some mosquito repellent, although in truth there were not many then.

Managers are available and nice, always smiling and ready to be immortalized .. everything is always strictly POLE POLE.

I have been particularly impressed the guy who cleans the alleys of the camp with a broom made from branch-d'albero-green and the guy who stands guard at the camp at night with a bow and arrows.

We were the only tourists in the camp, so I think that the kitchen was very small (only one choice).

As in all other tented camps where we stayed, it is possible to use electricity only for a few evening hours, for this advice to bring a multiple attack to charge multiple batteries.

Council also carry a torch for the evening. Water is also available for limited time intervals, is dark brown ... sometimes intense, but after a bit 'of initial doubts, we had a shower too.

This field is stuck because there is wild and puts you in close contact with nature. If I went back in the Masai Mara, definitely stay there again.

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