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Hopefully the title gives you an indication of my thoughts about our recent stay at Kikadini Villas but to clarify exactly why I would recommend this unique 'hotel' to anyone thinking of staying in Jambiani I've included further details below:

1) Location:- Jambiani is in the south-east of Zanzibar (about an hour's drive from Stone Town & the airport) Kikadini Villas are literally right on the beach about half way through the village which runs down most of the south-east coast.

The view from each of the 3 villas is picture postcard stuff. White sands & clear blue water which I can't accurately describe in words as they need to be seen to be believed.

2) Accommodation:- we stayed in Villa Maroc, the smallest of the 3 Villas in the hotel, however size is all relative! & had 2x bedrooms, 2x bathrooms, a living room & kitchen. The beds all have their

4) Food:- In summary, EXCELLENT! Jeremie (the previously mentioned Head Chef) spent 5 years in Bangkok & the food that he serves up is heavily influenced by this.

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We ate at the hotel every night for 6 nights & there was not 1 mouthful that we didn't enjoy.

I won't give too much away as part of the magic of Kikadini was that there are a few surprises on the menu, however, the one thing I will say is that the seafood BBQ on the beach is a must!

5) Trips & Excursions:- there's a long list of trips & excursions that the management can arrange but we elected to 'free-style' a little bit.

We ventured into Stone Town for a day (about an hour's cab ride away) where the market & little side streets are an explorer's delight.

I'd never been to Africa before & it genuinely felt like I'd stepped into a different world.

It's safe as houses & everyone that we met was pleasant, friendly & helpful. (if a little keen on getting hold of my holiday cash!)

There are spice stalls, traditional butchers & fish merchants a-plenty & all are happy to chat & try to sell you their goods.

We also went snorkelling with StoneFish (one of the hotel staff) which I'd thoroughly recommend (cost around $40)

The hotel has its own traditional Zanzibar fishing boat which we went out in & was great fun..... just don't expect the Royal Yacht Britannia!!

We also took a day trip out on Safari Blue which involved a boat trip & a seafood BBQ.

Safari Blue wasn't organised by the hotel (apart from the logistics of getting us there & back) & instead it's an independent company who operate their own tours.

It was a good day out but due to the numbers of people who go on it (there were 3 boats of about 20 people each when we went) it did feel a little bit like we were cattle getting herded around at times.

It would be awesome for kids but I'm not sure I would recommend it for a honeymoon couple / chilled out holiday.

In summary there is nothing about our 6 night stay at Kikadini Villas that was not at least a 9 out of 10 in my opinion.

Sure there are cheaper places to stay in Jambiani, however for what you get this place is certainly not over-priced.

Hopefully we'll be back in Zanzibar in the future & I wouldn't even dream of staying anywhere else other than Kikadini Villas!!

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