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What is your intention of visiting Kenya Kericho Town? Few of us have ever visited Kericho Town in Kenya but to assure you this town is a must not miss while on your vacation in Kenya, on this page therefore we are herein to guide you to all the best places and tourist attractions of this town in northern Kenya.

Kericho is a Kenyan County located to the South West of the country and lies within the highlands west of The Great Rift Valley. The capital of the district is Kericho town.

The district home to the best of Kenyan Tea which is world famous for its brightness, attractive color, brisk flavor and textures of fragrant leaves.

The district is also home to some of the world's best long distance runners among whom have repeatedly won gold medals in international events.

Kericho is home to Kenya's biggest water catchment area, the Mau Forest. With a high altitude and virtually daily rains, Kericho is the centre of Kenya's large tea industry, its town square even known as Chai Square (Chai is Hindi for Tea).

Some of the largest tea companies including Unilever Kenya, James Finlay and Williamson tea are based here.

It is also home to the popular Ketepa brand. Much of the tea is also exported, with the UK being the largest market.

History and Cult Kericho is the hometown of the Kipsigis people, who are a part of the Kalenjin people.

The Kipsigis are rated some of the most hospitable and courteous people in the country The Kipsigis just like their Kalenjin counterparts are well known to be good in Athletics.

Such athletes as Kipchoge Keino have brought great victory during World Athletic Competitions.

The Kipsigis is one of the communities in Kenya that still hold their cultural values dearly.

The favorite meal in the for the Kipsigis people is Maizemeal(kimyet) that is enjoyed with vegetables and beef.

An almost constant accompaniment is a glass of sour milk locally known as Mursik.

Tea is also widely consumed in the district, taken 3 times a day at dawn, midmorning and at 4 oclock. Tea after the evening meal is also common.

The origin of towns name has not been established. One theory is that it was home to the region's first public hospital, built by the British at the dawn of the 20th century.

Medicine in the local Kipsigis language is referred to as Kerichek. Another theory is that the town was originally home of a medicine man named KipKerich.

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