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If you are looking for Kenya safari clothing information, then this page is here for you. The clothing that you should pack for a Kenya safari will depend on a few things like what time of year it is and what type of Kenya safari you are going on, but there are some general rules that you should follow.

Kenya Safari Clothing Colours

Try not to have too bright clothing, this is fine for wearing around the lodge and to dinner in the evenings, but in general when you are going out on safari you want to blend in as much with nature as possible. So think of greens, browns and khaki coloured clothing.

It may be dusty where you are going, so also try and stay away from pale colours, and it is said that blue and black coloured clothing can attract tsetse flies, which have a painful bite. Black can also be way too hot to wear in the summer months.

No Camouflage Clothing for Safaris!Do not wear camouflage clothing, I know that it is popular urban wear in the west, but here in Africa only the military wear it and in some African countries Kenya being one of them, you can be arrested for it especially if it looks like the Kenyan military one.

Since you are not familiar with the Kenyan military uniform the best option would be to avoid military or camouflage clothing.

Kenya Safari Clothing Materials

Your clothing for safari should all be made from lightweight fabrics, that will not only keep the weight of your luggage down, but be comfortable as well.

Many camping shops sell lightweight, neutral coloured clothing, but it is made from material is waterproof and that makes a noise as you rub against it.

This is perfectly fine for camping in a wet environment, but if you are trying to sneak up to an antelope, the noise made by this clothing can often frighten them and other animals away. Cotton works the best for shirts and trousers and woolen jerseys if you are traveling in winter.

Kenya Safari Clothing Shirts

I would pack short and long sleeve shirts all year round not so much for fashion, but styles for practicality. Long sleeves can be used for warmth if needed, but also to protect from the sun and from biting insects, especially in the evenings.

A shirt like the one pictured on the right is perfect as you can roll up the long sleeves if it get a little hot. It also has plenty of pockets, perfect for storing your compact binoculars or camera.

A colour is also advisable as it will protect your neck from the harsh African sun.

The color is also ideal, but any similar neutral colour like green or brown will do.

Kenya Safari Clothing Trousers & Shorts

Again long cotton trousers can really help protect you from the harsh African sun as well as prevent insects like mosquitoes from biting your legs in the evenings and early mornings.

The Cargo type trousers pictured to the right are ideal, pockets for storing your compact camera or safari binoculars or even a compact field or african mammals guide book.

Kenya Safari Clothing Jackets

A warm jacket is important to take on safari, and not only in winter. It is more than lightly, you will go on a game drive at or before sunrise, it can get pretty chilly at this time, so pack a jacket.

Just remember to try and make it neutral coloured and if possible made from a material that is warm and does not make too much noise during movement.

Something like the jacket pictured on the right would be perfect, neutral coloured, warm and made from a cotton material which will not make to much noise during movement. It also has plenty of pockets, perfect for storing those binoculars or digital camera that you will have with you.

Kenya Safari Clothing Footwear

For general safari holidays where you will go on game drives, or walking safaris, the most important thing is to be sensible, you really don't need to go out and buy specialised footwear.

Remember you will be climbing in and out of safari vehicles and walking around on what is normally grassland around the lodge or in the park, so high heels are not needed.

If you are going to be going on a walking safari, or atleast going on a guided walk on your safari, it is advisable to have some sort of hiking boots or specialised safari boots that are both comfortable to walk in, but also covers your ankles.

This is mainly for protection from small thorny bushes, but also is advisable to help protect you in the highly unlikely senario of a snake or scorpion bite.

Great boots include the like of caterpillars, and in Kenya you can buy safari boots. These are comfortable boots that are popular with tourists.

Because they are handmade from leather to the highest standards, they can be a little expensive, but if you are going to be walking alot in the bush and perhaps when you get back home, I would highly recommend them. Other than that look for a good quality pair of hiking boots which will also do the job.

Kenya Clothing Safari Hats

A wide brimmed hat to protect you from the sun is ideal, but any hat, including a cap is better than nothing. The peak of the cap or the brim of a hat will shield your eyes from glare, but even so on bright sunny days, you will probably want to also have a good pair of sunglasses.

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