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Why should you study at Kenya Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology? To meet the costs of this challenging world, one should always Endeavour to attain quality education. Do you want quality education that matches the current market and competition in Kenya?

Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology is registered by the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology (Registration number MOEST/PC/764/2002) as a Technical and Vocational Training Institution. It was registered on 15/8/2002.

Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology provides excellence in practical skills training of bread and confectionery technology to Kenya,

East and central Africa, COMESA and the World at large in a timely and efficient manner to the satisfaction of all the clients and the staff.

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  • Practical Cake Making and Decoration
  • Practical Puff Pastry and Danish Pastry
  • Practical Bread Making, Scones and Buns
  • Practical Making of Fruits and Milk products
  • Practical Cooking


Diploma in Tourism, Travel & Business Studies

Diploma in Sales & Marketing

Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies Management

Diploma in Business Studies

Diploma in Project Management

Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management

Single Subject Diploma in Public Relations / Customer Service

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Certificate in Business Studies

Certificate in Travel and Tourism

Does this apply to you?

  • Do you want to be financially independent?
  • Are you unemployed/underemployed and looking for income generating activity?
  • Are you an investor who wants to start a bakery?
  • Are you struggling to train your bakery staff?
  • Are there no accessible bakery schools in your area?
  • Are you a Bakery Owner/Manager?
  • Are you a Hotel owner/ operator?
  • Are you a Small, Medium or Large manufacturer of food products?
  • Are you a house wife?
  • Are you an employee working on full time or part time basis?
  • Are you a start-up?
  • Are you a professional?
  • Do you wish to bake or cook for leisure?

Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology has practical skills courses that are vital to you.

These practical courses are available 6 days a week for you.

Our unique approach gives all participants a great ability to develop the full potential of themselves or their work force. Certificates are issued after the course.

The employer will find this a useful tool to help supplement their appraisal or review of training.

Nairobi College of Bread and confectionery Technology courses have been designed especially with you in mind.

NAIROBI College of Bread and Confectionery Technology is set to improve the income generation and living standards of the rural and urban men and women both young and old in the MSE sector through low cost, demand-driven, practical skills training courses in bread and confectionery technology, fruit processing, dairy products and business development services; thereby reducing joblessness by promoting self employment.

The College offers short practical courses lasting 2(two) weeks, 6 (six) weeks or 6(six) months in Bread, cakes, pastry, milk products, fruit products and business development services. City and Guilds Diploma in Patisserie is available with a duration of 6 months.

Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology Contacts

Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology

P.O. Box 73448-00200, Nairobi


Telephone; 254-020-2220053, 254-020-2120906,

mobile – 254-020-0722237181



Kenya Nairobi College of Bread and Confectionery Technology

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