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Allow us to give you all the details about Kenya forests in Africa. Kenya has a wide range of forests, from coastal forest, through central high mountain forests to the thick wet rainforests of the West.

These forests support more than just a diverse range of tree and plant species; they are also the territory of a wide range of wildlife, from rare chameleons to elephant herds, elusive leopards to colourful butterflies, monkey families and prolific birdlife. Kenyan forests offer the traveller a wide range of options, from treetop lodges to trekking trails …

List of all Forests in Kenya

Mount Kenya Forest

For those who don’t want to climb the Mountain the cool highlands that surround its base are well worth a visit. The forests are ideal for game viewing, and there are crystal clear mountain streams that are the perfect place to land a Trout.More >>>>>

Aberdare Forest

This massive range is well known for its thick salient forests, and their prolific game.

These high altitude forests are broken by moorlands and plains, and through the abundant tree cover there are sensational views of the Rift Valley and the peak of Mt Kenya. T

he forest is a hidden world of wildlife. The thick vegetation provides perfect cover for countless species.More >>>>

Arabuko Sosoke Forest

This fascinating forest wilderness is nestled beside thebeaches of Watamu, just minutes from the waters of the Indian Ocean.But enter the forest and discover a world apart from thebeaches and reefs.More >>>>>

Marsabit Desert Forest National Park

Nearby Marasabit National Park is a beautiful place, where thick forests and rivers attract plenty of game and great herds ofElephant.

This is real elephant country, once home to the mighty Ahmed, a famous tusker whose impressive ivory is now displayed in the Nairobi Museum More >>>>>

Kakamega Forest in Western Kenya

This is an important primate reserves, and the forest is full of monkeys of many species. Beautiful Chameleons are often seen in the undergrowth.

At night the forest is a different world, the air filled with bats and ringing with the sounds of frogs, night birds and the booming call of the giant forest squirrel.More >>>>>

Maralal Desert Forest

Beyond Maralal lies some of Kenya’s most beautiful country. Here the broad arid plains give way to the spectacular Loroghi Hills and the high, wild Matthews ranges.

Dry river beds course through this land, and have become the tracks and routes of nomadic camel trains.More >>>>>

Aberdare Forest in Kenya | Arabuko Sosoke Forest | Kakamega Forest | Marsabit forest and beyond | Mount Kenya Forest in Kenya |

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