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The Kenya Baboons, Papio cyanocephalus, is a large terrestrial monkey with a somewhat dog-like head. There are 2 subspecies found in Kenya; the Yellow Baboon found in Eastern Kenya and the Olive Baboon found throughout the rest of the country.

The 2 species can be told apart by build, the Yellow Baboon is slimmer and longer limbed, and by the presence of a mane (present in the Olive Baboon but absent in the Yellow).

Baboons live, and travel, in troops, gathering together at night tosleep in trees or among rocks. They are omnivorous eating fruit, roots, tubers and grass as well as meat.

The meat portion of their diet may be in the form of insects and other invertebrates but it also includes hares, young gazelles, lizards and birds.

They are fearless monkeys and have been known to attack people when disturbed or if they feel threatened.... and once you've seen their teeth at close quarters you really don't want to get them mad with you.

Kenya Baboons

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