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Kendwa Rocks Bungalows is more than a beach front accommodation, its a lifestyle and resort that fits every budget.

I stayed in the dorm, but asked to see every available room on property and every level far exceeded my expectations with hot water, rooms cleaned daily (even the dorms) and an attention to detail that can’t be matched.

But the rooms aren’t even the best part.

The beachfront restaurant, bar, and endless beach beds take the cake

I spent every morning soaking up rays and being catered to like a queen.

Was it paradise? Absolutely.

Safety was also not a concern with safes in all of the private rooms, and large safe at reception where you can store any valuables free of charge for your entire stay.

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What makes this even more convenient is that they have a card system.

With a Kendwa Rocks card, you can store your money/documents at reception and charge the card to eat, drink, party, and relax without toting money around, completely eliminating the need to keep an eye on your wallet while sunbathing or swimming.

Staying at Kendwa Rocks also means free admission to the full moon party, the most fun party I’ve ever been to in my life, and ranked 3rd best in the world.

Still here and finding it hard to leave, Kendwa ROCKS so much more than you could possibly imagine.

And to answer your next question, YES, they have computers and wireless internet on the beach, so you can do your work with one hell of a view. I highly recommend staying here

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