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I was very pleased with the service that my wife and I received at the Karafuu Beach resort and spa in Zanzibar. I was told to be weary of this hotel by many different travel agents prior to leaving, but I gave the hotel the benefit of the doubt and decided to give it a chance.

I was told that this hotel was tired and in need of repair. I found this hard to believe considering that it has won so many awards at the World Travel Awards. Fortunately, the travel agents were wrong in their advice, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience at the hotel.

My wife and I were constantly overwhelmed by the service that we received from the staff. At times we even felt uncomfortable by the way that people we so helpful. We were not used to that at all. I would recommend this hotel to anybody.

Take a lunch or dinner there and you will never forget it.

Friendly service, delicious seafood, a breathtaking view – and you will understand what a paradise on the Earth means.

Taking a walk on the right-hand direction, about 100m from the hotel, directly at the beach you can find a souvenir shop (“Coconut curio shop”) with some local stuff (the prices are comparable to what you can get at Stone Town).

Going further you will get to the lovely small restaurant located on the rock (at high tide you need to take a boat to get there

A perfect place for peaceful, relaxing and comfortable holidays.

If you need a real break to stop for a while and take a deep breath, just visit Zanzibar and choose one of "cottage hotels". I choosed Karafuu in Pingwe and it was a very good choice.

The hotel is lovely located just to the small local village giving you a chance to see the real life of Zanzibar citizens.

But first of all, it is away from any other hotels or pensions and from anything what reminds you of your everyday busy life.

No city noise, no cars, no other resorts or hotels, no shops, no discos, no nothing in the area…just nature, kilometers of lovely beach, blue sky and emerald green ocean.

Regardless, you will take a long walk choosing the right-hand direction or left-hand direction, you may enjoy the walk in complete silence just meeting from time to time a local inhabitant going fishing or a lady coming back from the morning seaweed fishing.

The only thing which may stop you from this lovely walks and admiring calm bays hidden between rocks is a high tide

The Karafuu hotel itself is specious, located in the african garden and all kept in local “makuti” style.

The lobby furnished in local style offers WIFI access and welcomes for drink at any time of a day.

The rooms in the bungalows are specious and very comfortable.

Furnished with local wooden furnishes offer flat TV, cafe/tea set, fridge, a big comfortable bad with net, fan, A/C, big bathroom with shower and bidet and all this keeps local atmosphere and gives a pleasure to relax in the room.

The cleaning service does their work perfect, including the evening service which puts the net down and use the spray against mosquito.

It was always nice to find a small package of “karafuu” on the bad together with a “good night” card. Such small things distinguish a “perfect service hotel” from the “just very good hotel”.

The restaurant offers a variety of European and local dishes, all fresh and prepared with “heart”.

What I enjoyed the most it was hand-made jams from pineapple and passiflora for breakfast and fresh grilled fish served at lunch and dinner.

The buffet is not “too rich” what ensures us that everything is fresh. I will never forget the taste of fresh pineapple and coconut which will always riming me the sweetness of Zanzibar.

I became so much in love with this taste that asked a chief cook to prepare 2 jars of this fruit jam to let me bring this piece of paradise home. The man being in charge of restaurant service does his best and pays attention to each guest.

The service in all hotel is discreet, but always in place when you need them, even in Ramadan time.

The spa offer a variety of treatments and massages – a lovely experience to be massaged by professional hands with having a breathtaking view over an ocean. Very cosy and clean, very quiet, very professional.

.During the day an animation guy organizes some activities around the pool like a water aerobics or boccia and sometime live music in the evening.

But fortunately it has nothing to do with so called “summer clubs” at holiday reports with laud music all day, kids clubs and all day activities.

Therefore, this hotel and Zanzibar in general, is rather recommended for couples and adults looking for relaxing holidays near to nature, then a families with kids or teens looking for extensive day and night entertainment.

Long stay like this

The beach is a little more crowded near to the pool and pool bar, but few meters ahead you can just fully relax enjoying the book in shelter of sun, sky and ocean.

At high tide swimming is available directly from the beach.

At low tide, you must take a short walk along the stone jetty which is slippery a little, but you will manage

: Do not be afraid to sightsee the island with local people to enjoy the real Zanzibar and “pole pole”. And do not forget to tip this cheerful people for their hospitality, kindness, honesty and smile.…they will never ask for it from themselves, but really need this sometimes very much.

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