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Kenya Isiolo Town is not known by many people compared to other cities in Kenya But that doesn’t mean that it’s the worst town. Isiolo is one of the safest towns in Kenya. Therefore if you are planning to visit this town in future, let us be your guide to this town.

Isiolo is a town in the Eastern Province, Kenya. It is situated in the Upper Eastern sub-region, and lies 285 kilometres north of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

The town grew around the local military camps, much of the population being descended from former Somali soldiers who had fought in World War I as well as other Cushitic-speaking pastoral communities and the Ameru community.

The predominant population of Isiolo are the Oromo-speaking Boran and Sakuye and the Bantu Ameru.In recent years there has been a steady migration from the neighbouring communities such Mandera, Wajir and samburu, The most populous Division is merti in the northern flank of the district.

Isiolo town is the Headquarters of the district and the gateway to the northern half of the country.

Isiolo is set to become a major part of Kenya's economic development plan Vision 2030. The plan calls for Isiolo to become a tourist center that will include include casinos, hotels, upscale retail outlets, a modern airport and transport facilities.

Isiolo District was designated as the Headquarters of the Northern frontier Districts by The British East Africa Protectorate in 1922, until the North Eastern was curved out as a separate province in 1963 following the Lancaster House Constitutional conference.

Some parts of the districts were lost to the larger Meru District in 1960s during the Shifta war. Some of the famous grazing land such as Bisaan Adi and Bisaan Gurach became part of Meru National Game Reserve and Mulika Lodge.

Isiolo is also known for its large market, while jewellry making is a local industry. Isiolo town itself was a part of the Nyambene county council and was transferred to isiolo district since there was no urban centre to serve as district headquarters.

The Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves lie north of the town, while Lewa Downs reserve is located south of Isiolo. The Meru National Park lies in the North East of the town

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