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Ikweta Safari Camp is a great place at a great price for Kenya residents.

The food was always fresh - all the vegetables for this and its sister hotel are grown on-site.

We were spoiled by Allois the manager, and Lucy our appointed waitress - all the staff were super friendly and went out of their way to assist where necessary.

The standard tent was spacious and could accommodate our family of 4 (children 6 and 4) with space to spare.

The rooms are clean and airy, a plus for the surprisingly relatively warm temperatures of the area.

One night was windy which made for some noise as the outside tent flaps were tossed about, but after we zipped them up the rest of the night was mostly uneventful.

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There are only 10 tents which is perfect for the available facilities. With the current size, and the no frills approach, the service and the food stand out as exceptional. We heard they want to add more rooms, which we hope is not the case as I fear they would struggle to maintain standards.

Everything we experienced - linen, room size, room appointments, food and service - are what one would expect from a much pricier establishment. My sleep was only interrupted by the flapping of the tent roof on a windy night - I'm sure that can be sorted quite easily.

Meru National Park is only a few minutes away (Murera gate), and is surely one of Kenya's best kept secrets.

There are seven permanent sources of water in this national park alone! Most of them are swamps and there's alse the Tana River which separates Meru National Park from Kora National Park to the south.

As is usual of their great service Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) keep the roads in tip-top shape, and even driving through black cotton soil in the swampy areas we felt safe.

We saw so much game that our children started asking for more and more varieties of animal to see

All-in-all, it was a great trip, and the camp is well worth the visit even for those travelers who expect 5-star service - Ikweta provides top-notch service that leaves your wallet with a 5-star smile!

We had planned to split the trip between Ikweta Safari Camp and Ikweta Country Inn which is in Maua, but opted to spend all our time at the camp.

With the long drive and the luxury provided at the affordable price, we felt the extra time at the camp was well worth it and would advise the same.

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