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My colleague and I spent only one night at the Hotel Pan Afric in Lira Town Uganda.

I have to say that the staff was remarkable in that they made us dinner at 10pm (our ride from Kampala, which was supposed to take 5 hours, took 13 hours...very long story...). For that, we were very grateful.

Away from the noise and discomfort of the city, hotel Pan Afric lira brings solace and peace to the distressed mind, like the one which I brought within me to this heavenly place.

My motto was to have a time of my own. Luxuriously I pampered my mind, body and soul here. Staying here is off course a little expensive but why not…nothing comes for free and for me lira hotel lira was a heavenly place.

Rooms were good, commodious and the staffs, the most amiable people are hired there and the most important the food is sumptuous

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Once checked in I did not feel like going out and explore the city…I’ll surely visit this hotel again and next time will bring my tired, workaholic friends too.

This is a basic hotel which has what you need for a trip to Lira. The hotel is about a 5 minute bike-taxi (boda boda) ride from the centre of town or a 15 minute walk.

I recall paying about 30,000UGX for a "double" room which included a large and comfortable bed with a reasonably effective mosquito net.

All rooms include "en-suite" facilities in a separate bathroom space. There is power at the hotel most of the time and there are plugs in your room if you need to charge your things. If you get an MTN cellular internet modem you can get internet at the hotel.

The hotel is laid out within an enclosed compound with a central building and most of the rooms are housed in individual round modern-huts surrounding the central building.

These huts are traditionally styled but have nice strong walls and doors made of concrete and steel.

The huts are bright inside with full height ceilings and a desk and chair and wardrobe. There was hot water most of the time but my colleagues did not have the same experience and complained of cold showers.

In case the water does run out they will bring you an ENORMOUS container of water so you can do some bathing.

There are also some rooms located in the main building.

In the main building there are two or three or four tvs (so many the number escapes me) which are all playing the same one thing (that's the way it is in some places in africa).

Usually that one thing is a sport game - specifically soccer/football but sometimes other shows as well. During daytime hours sometimes there are other shows on such as soap operas.

There is a well-stocked bar which has reliably cold drinks including bottled water, a variety of sodas, beer (a few types) and even smirnoff ice.

This bar is a gathering place for men from the community so if you prefer quiet you should ask for a room in one of the huts because otherwise they can be watching sports late into the evening.

This bar area also has a lot of big comfy faux-leather furniture which may be nice during the day to relax with a drink and a book.

The hotel has a restaurant with limited but delicious selection of food. The menu has more items on it than are actually available including pizza and curry and a variety of other chicken, beef, and goat.

If you know what you want you have three options 1) wait until dinner time and ask (and may be disappointed) 2) ask in advance and they may be able to get what you want or 3) get what you want yourself and they will cook it.

I went to market and got some nice fresh beef fillet and they cooked me a delicious meal and I was so happy. Every night they did have a few options and nobody in my group got sick and we all enjoyed our meals - so don't worry you wont' starve.

I really really recommend the goat which is so delicious in my opinion. And the restaurant is very affordable; it is easy to have a meal for less than $5.

Laundry services are available.

I really recommend this hotel. I won't lie and say it's great - this is a semi-remote Ugandan location and it is not great.

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