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Was a bit nervous about staying at Hotel Marina Zanzibar after I got bad reviews about this hotel, but was reassured that the hotel had undergone a renovation.

In fact, the room was incredibly clean (took all sheets off bed and mattress looked brand new).

NO bedbugs whatsoever.

The food was reasonably good (its coz i don’t like to try local food). Apart from that, a free wi-fi is available on the ground floor of the hotel. The rooms were conditioned, water heater and a tv set with cable television.

The location of the hotel is also nice its just outside the harbor. Would stay here again.

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The hotel is good in every aspect services, cleanliness, internet services etc.

The staff made the hotel even better. They are very friendly and very helpful. The hotel is well managed.

And would like the owners to continue their good services. I would like to suggest to the hotel owners to provide transport from the airport and also include some safari trips for the customers.

I wish i could have stayed longer but sadly had to leave. But il make sure whenever i revisit Zanzibar, it will be in this hotel where im going to stay

The room was clean and basic with mosquito netting. There was a TV, desk, and empty fridge. The most important part was there was air conditioning for a restful night. The bathroom was local basic, meaning it had a toilet, shower and sink with an old mirror.

Truly a traveler's hotel with the basics. If you are expecting anything rustic or Zanzibari, try some of the more expensive hotels.

A couple walked in, checked a room and left, so it is not for everyone. But if you live in Tanzania, like I do, then you will find this to have what you need for a cheap price. there might be rooms that are better than others as the reviews seem ranged. So maybe you can ask when booking.

I was happy with the place. People were friendly. The walk to the hotel to the park is about five minutes, but you pass by Freddy Mercury's Restaurant (A famous delicious stop). It is only a one minute walk from the boat. At night it can seem scary to walk as it is dark and no one is around, but really no one is around.

Tourists are generally safe in Zanzibar as it is the local economy's primary source.

I was more bothered by the Park Vendors that had a story for every excuse that I had for not buying something. LOL, that is normal!

How many people have bought the CD??!!

But the walk to the hotel was fine. If you are looking or a place to just sleep this is also a good choice (I returned at 10pm from walking and visiting in stone town), but first time visitors wanting something more authentic won't find the stylish rooms that are available in other hotels.

If you are booking late and need a cheap place to sleep this would be on my list as with the Annex II, but it is about 2 minutes away from the boat and harder to find.

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