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Where to Stay at Great Lakes University Kenya, Programmes and Admission at former Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development Kisumu? Here are all you need to know about this University in Western Kenya Nyanza Province.

Great Lakes is an inter-denominational Evangelical Christian Institution.

It is an off-shoot of the Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development (TICH) in Africa - a non-profit community based training, research and development trust which has been operating since 1998.

The main aim of GLUK is to develop effective managers of health and development initiatives in the Africa Region.

This is done by bridging training with service delivery programs, focusing on the needs of the most vulnerable communities in the society.

It develops, tests and disseminates hands-on innovative and effective models through action research.

The University is established in accordance with Rule 9 (1) – (3) of the Universities (Establishment of Universities) (Standardization, Accreditation and Supervision) Rule 1989.

GLUK brings together regional and international academics, professionals and practitioners in health and development of diverse backgrounds to pool their skills, expertise and experience in addressing issues of livelihood through capacity building and research for policy development.

About Kisumu City

Situated on the equator, Kisumu is the third-largest city in Kenya and serves as the focal point of an area of intensive agriculture, green valleys and hills, and occasional thick forest and mountains.

It is situated on Lake Victoria, the largest fresh water lake in the world and source of the River Nile..

A little further south of the city, you will find three islands, Rusinga Island, Mfangano Island and Takawiri Island all of which have luxury lodges which provide excellent fishing and bird watching.

Kisumu has pleasant shopping malls (Nakumatt City, Mega Plaza, United Mall and Swan Centre) with supermarkets, cinemas restaurants, internet cafés and other interesting outlets and surfaces.

There are several attractions in town, such as the huge market near the bus stage were you can buy a wide variety of fresh fruits, the Kisumu Museum where you can also get cheap soapstone carvings, and Hippo Point (Kiboko Bay) where you can watch the sun set on Lake Victoria.

The impala park also offers a good attraction site. Kisumu is popular for Fish (Tilapia) eating along the lake.

The people are friendly. Kisumu is famous for its benga and ohangla music.

Kisumu is generally safe. However, just like you would exercise caution when traveling in any part of the world, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Be alert, be aware of what is happening around you at all times and most of all, stay informed by listening to local news channels on television in your hotel.

Academic Programs at Great Lakes University of Kisumu

This is the core business of the University aimed at producing a new generation of leaders, managers and workers concerned with changing the situation of the poor, the disadvantaged and vulnerable people at the community level.

The University is designed as a premier institution of higher learning working in solidarity and partnership with the disadvantaged in communities and society through responsive education, training, service and research.

As an innovative and creative centre of learning, the University adopt a non-traditional approach to University Education, seeking to bridge theoretical, analytical knowledge development on the one hand and practical and life skills on the other.

Thus the university is unique in terms of programs offered, the method of delivery, orientation to action research, community service, student body and the expected product from the University.

Currently the University has the following faculties

• Faculty of Health Sciences

• Faculty of Arts and Science

• Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development

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Great Lakes University of Kisumu Kenya

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