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The staff at Evergreen Bungalows Hotel Zanzibar was friendly and always had smiles. They were very accommodating with the children even to the point of entertaining the kids (even the owner)! The price is excellent especially considering the fact that you are beach front. When the tide is in at night you fall asleep to the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

The bungalows are quite basic I suppose, but I guess it depends what you’re used to. We stayed in an upstairs room which I thought was really sweet, the room was really spacious and the view from the balcony was great, with comfy furniture to chill on with a cocktail.

Magnificent phosphorescence light up like stars in the sand. There are wild Red Colobus Monkeys quietly swinging in the trees outside our room. J

ozani Forest is a quick trip (and organized by the hotel) from Evergreen Bungalows. My kids talk about Evergreen Bungalows because they can't wait to go back.

Evergreen is super chilled spot. Placed after Bwejuu, a bit out of main stream, makes it perfect hide away.

There are few types of bungalows, depending on your preferences. I found all of them cute, either you wanna front row, back row, ground floor, open air style upper floor, etc.

You have to understand that some things are simply "Zanzibar style" and this is how it is here, it is not hotel specific.

Cool thing about it is that you have selection.

If you're freaking out because of bugs, then don't take upper floor open air room, as...bugs will be there, you're in Africa!

Food in Evergreen was great and even cheaper then in other places. For example, octopus main dish was TSH10,000 while in other mid range places is more likely TSH13,000.

There is no wi-fi available, but you can get laptop to use whenever needed.
Staff is super nice and relaxed.

If you're couple, they cam make very special romantic dinner for you right there on the beach.
Regarding the price, very basic Zanzibar rule - do not book online.

Come there and find your place, you will get it much cheaper then in advance, especially if lower season which is always better to go for if you can make it.

Once resorts are empty, they will agree even for USD20 per person including breakfast :-)) Same rule applies here in Evergreen.

Beach is nice, but be aware that "tide issue" is again Zanzibar thing, it happens all around.

You can book nice trips from Evergreen. The problem is that most tourists complain about the prices expecting to pay each thing less then USD3 just because...they are in Africa and USD3 should be a lot of money here. Nope, totally wrong, Zanzibar is not Africa as you know it from UNICEF advertisements.

Zanzibar is super pleasant and developed place and has nothing to do with "other Africa" you imagine.

Trust me, if you find that "other Africa" in Zanzibar, you would never come back - nobody wants to see hunger and feminine on their nice honeymoon trip.

So, accept prices as they are or simply travel to Asia where you can still get things half price :-)
...most important...enjoy your holidays! Zanzibari people are extremely nice and easy going, so, if you are complaining about Zanzibar.....hmmmm

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