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I've stayed in a lot of hotels in Tanzania but not one measure up to the standard we got at Escarpment Luxury Lodge in Manyara.

I repeat no one!! From Dar to Zanzibar to Arusha to Mwanza, I haven't come across a hotel with such a personal feel to it, and with so much attention paid to detail.

We never in our wildest dreams thought we would get such service in that part of Tanzania.

I went with a tourist who was my former school mate to Lake Manyara and we decided to try the hotel, When we arrived, we were welcomed with warm towels and cups of juice, and ushered into this tastefully finished luxurious haven in the middle of nowhere.

We were given a personal butler - who was just fabulous may i say - and giving a tour of the property which was just lovely.

Everything about this hotel was just beautiful.

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When we got to our chalet, i was even more blown away by its sheer beauty, the attention to detail and the spectacular view.

We expected the room to be nice off course but i definitely didn't expect to get an indoor shower, a standalone bath tub and an outdoor shower, or the type of bed fit for two kings. The rooms were also immaculate.

The bar was open to us when we arrived, which had an array of drinks. They had very comfortable long leather seats next to the bar that just made you feel like a royal.

After having drinks for about an hour, we had a chat with the very sweet and knowledgeable Manager, Edwin, who also gave us free drinks on the house.

When dinner was served, we were offered the option of having it in the restaurant, on the veranda or next to the camp fire.

What topped it all up was that the chef insisted we try everything on the menu.

I resisted initially because i didn't want to seem like a glutton but at the end of the day, had myself moving from plate to plate.

I literally had to beg them to stop bringing food. As if that was not enough, before heading back to our room, our butler had asked if he should prepare a warm bubble bath for us; off-course we said yes.

By the time we got to our room, the bath-tub was just the right temperature and adorned with nice candles.

To be honest, I can keep going on and on about this hotel. I have such a soft spot for it, you'll think i have shares in the business (I truly wish i did).

My advice for anyone reading this is: Don't waste your time and money on other hotels - Serena et al - in the area, you WILL NEVER get the kind of service Escarpment offers, and if you do, it'll cost you an arm and a leg.

Four hours after i left Escarpment, there was already a feeling of Nostalgia and regret that i didn't stay longer.

I also felt like i had ripped the hotel off for all the free food and wonderful service.

I'll definitely be visiting again, and this time with my whole family

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