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Darini Restaurant is located in the heart of Stone Town, on the rooftop of the Kisiwa House Hotel. There are no signs for Darini, so look only for Kisiwa House, and even then there are almost no signs.

It is very near Dhow Palace, you can ask someone on the street. Once you enter Kisiwa house, you still have no idea that there is a restaurant, you just have to know.

Ask the front desk and they'll point you upstairs. Go all the way to the top and you'll find a rooftop restaurant with a view over most of Stone Town.

The view isn't that elegant really, mostly crumbling buildings with a glimpse of the sea, but the stars on a clear night are dazzling, and it's still a better view than most places in Stone Town.

The food is a mix of Swahili and Western, but mostly Swahili and seafood.

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The menus are in English, and priced in Tanzania Shillings - they accept credit cards but can only charge you in USD, and give you a very bad exchange rate making you lose doolas, so much better to bring Tanzanian shillings from the ATM and pay in cash.

When we arrived, the place seemed shut down - there wasn't a soul in the place. We looked around and found one waitress who assured us it was open and set up a nice table for us under the stars (there are indoor tables too,

Though the doors and windows are open so not a lot of point in that except during the day to avoid the sun). The young lady was very helpful and nice, and service was prompt (for Zanzibar).

We had several dishes including the Crab Ravioli and was still good ,Grilled Shrimp, Soup and an avocado shrimp and crab salad served inside a crabshell.

We quite enjoyed all of our dishes, the wine was served at the right temperature (a real feat in Zanzibar), and with the good service we had a lovely evening. We would return again

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