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Tanzania Dar es Salaam Restaurants food can be bland, but despair not – Dar es Salaam is full of good restaurants, from laid-back Ethiopian dining to ubiquitous Italian trattorias

There are literally hundreds of places to eat in and around Dar es Salaam. Most are small hotelies that serve traditional Tanzania foods at cheap prices that locals can afford I urge travelers to find one that is quite busy and try some of the local cuisine.

If the hotel is well frequented, the food will be hot and the conditions will be clean. Most tourists can’t handle meal after meal of ugali, however, so here are some suggestions on some nicer places in town.

Most hotels serve local Tanzanian food while the major hotels offer Western and other international food. Dar es Salaam is not one of the world's prime destination for gourmets.

The good news is that there are new restaurants appearing almost weekly and this is a huge leap forward from just a few years ago where there were only two or three restaurants in town that didn't give you a runny tummy.

Now, honest Italian, Chinese, Indo/Pakistani and International cuisine abounds and prices are reasonable by western standard.

Run of the mill type wines are available from South Africa and this is punctuated with the occasional bright spots heralded by French wines from time to time. Beers, local and a variety of imported are freely available as are most liquors in restaurants and grocery stores.

Table service is normal in restaurants. Bars generally have counter service. Tanzania is a secular state and alcohol is not prohibited. Zanzibar's population is predominantly Muslim. Alcohol is available in some tourist hotels and restaurants, but should not be drunk in public.

Dar es Salaam Restaurants Upwardly mobile: Msasani

Home to the most upmarket restaurants in the city, mostly in leisure complexes like Sea Cliff and Oyster Bay. In Namanga, choose from South African grills, pizza or Croatian seafood such as black risotto with seafood, mostly along Kimweri Avenue; or hit IST corner for great kebabs from local bars.

Dar es Salaam Restaurants East/west: City centre

The Indian restaurants around Upanga are low on decadence – no alcohol, no meat – but high on authenticity and often great food. For western-style fast food and cafes, dine on Independence Street or Samora Avenue. For extravance, the excellent Japanese restaurant at the Kilimanjaro Hotel cannot be beaten.

Hidden gems: Mikocheni

With residential and commercial areas, Mikocheni feels a touch suburban but it is home to some of Dar's best restaurants. In Regent Estate, authentic Ethiopian restaurant Addis in Dar offers communal hands-on dining; over in Mikocheni B, there are sea views and decent Italian and French food at Mediterraneo.

Dar es Salaam Restaurants,Dining Tips

Grab snacks from Dar's ubiquitous roadside stalls, from ‘mandazi' (Tanzanian doughnuts) to ‘chipsi mayai', an omelette made with chips. In sit-down restaurants, service can be slow, so if you are in a hurry, let the kitchen know. Tipping is not compulsory, but if you are happy with the service then add about 10% extra to your bill.

National specialties

• Seafood such as prawns and lobsters.

• Tropical fruit such as coconuts, pawpaws, mangoes, pineapples and bananas.

National drinks of Tanzania Dar es Salaam

• A good lager, Safari, is produced locally.

• Konyagi is a popular gin.

• A chocolate and coconut liqueur called Afrikoko.

• A wine called Dodoma, which comes in red or rosé.

Dar es Salaam Restaurants tipping: Not generally encouraged, though waiters and porters in tourist hotels and restaurants may expect to be tipped.


4 Twenty Bar and Restaurant Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 744 273 620

56 Bhog Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 22 213 4780

Addis in Dar Ethopian Restaurant Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 741 266 299

Alcove Restaurant Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 22 213 7444

Anghiti Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 22 270 1866

Archipelago Kenyatta Road, Zanzibar Phone: +255 747 462 311

Barbeque Village Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 22 266 7929

Barcelos Flamed Chicken Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 22 245 0108

Flight Up Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 22 260 0800

Hurry Curry Dar es Salaam Tanzania Phone: +255 22 212 2855

La Dolce Vita Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 741 782 497 Fax: +255 22 266 8212

Langi Langi Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 22 213 0130 Fax: +255 22 213 0100

Mandarin Restaurant Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 741 343 435

Nureen Restaurant Dodoma Phone: +255 26 232 2030

Pizza and Spice Limited Dar es Salaam Phone: +255 22 277 1313 Fax: +255 22 277 4456

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