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Dar es Salaam nightlife scenes caters to many different crowds, and there is something to do for everyone. Welcome to this site that will guide you to all the best place for your Dar Es Salaam Entertainment Centers for your perfect night out in Tanzania.

The nightlife in Dar es Salaam is very vibrant, but make sure to always go out with a friend, as walking around the city later than midnight at night could be risky.Generally Dar es salaam is safer than all East African Cities.

On the whole, Dar es Salaam is full of crazy nightlife opportunities, but be warned --the scene is small and after spending a significant amount of time in the city you will discover that it's the same people in the same clubs every weekend. This can be fun or intolerable depending on which side of the gossip you're on.

Popular clubs tend rise up with grand openings and close within months of their openings due to mismanagement of lack of economic viability.

Some of the most popular clubs are Storm, Much More, Bilicanas, Garden Bistro, QBar (has a pool table and live music and dancing at the weekend), Bar-o-One, and Billiards.

An evening out starts with the consumption of a large plate of roast goat, chicken, beef mishkaki, or chipsi mayai and ends with the consumption of utumbo (intestine) soup with hot fresh peppers sometime around 6 or 7 am.

Dar es Salaam has an excellent restaurant scene, with many cuisines such as Indian, Zanzibari and Arabic being well represented due to the large number of immigrants into the city. Specialties include “nyama choma” and “mishkaki,” both barbeque meat dishes.

There are many music genres in the clubs of Dar es Salaam. The clubs along the outskirts of town are particularly geared toward Tanzanians. Inside the downtown area, nightclubs are more geared toward Westerners, as this is where most of the tourists and locals of European descent reside.

A few good clubs to start with are Club Bilicanas, Q-Bar, Mambo Club in Oyster Bay (a primarily German and British district), Slipway (with live bands providing the music instead of a DJ), California Dreamer and Sugar Rays (a sports bar)There is Maisha Club near Hotel Karibu.

If you are looking for Rave techno and exotic music go to Trinity in oysterbay area.

Its usually on second saturdays of the month(Confirm).Its a blast!!


Mixing it: Masaki

Mingle and dance to live music at Dar stalwart Q Bar or dance till dawn on open air dance floors at Garden Bistro and Mambo Club, where you can also eat till late, and local favourite Bar One. Live music rocks The Slipway most nights of the week but the show is usually over before midnight.

Urban pleasures: Around Posta

Hotel bars at the Kilimanjaro Hotel and New Africa Hotel are a good bet for cocktails. Both have casinos, or you could try the more atmospherically seedy Las Vegas Casino.

Late night dancing: Oyster Bay

Sweet Easy is a popular bar/club with live music and great food. Thursday nights are packed, sweaty and sociable. Next to the Ugandan High Commission, Trinity is a new-ish bar and club with garden seating and eclectic, danceable music, mostly catering to European tastes.

Street sounds: Around Upanga

Dance till dawn at Club Bilicanas and Much More. Both tend to be crowded on weekends and play a mixture of R&B, hip hop and Tanzanian music. Look out for live music events at Leaders Club and Gymkhana's.

Dar Es Salaam Nightlife Tips

Clubs do not come alive till around 11pm, but many offer late food. Most clubs close at around 3 or 4am, but the city centre clubs stay open till dawn at weekends.

Dar Es Salaam Nightlife Soundtracks

Lounge on the beach to the dulcet tones of Nakupenda by Saida Karoli; dance with locals in Garden Bistro to Swing Swing by Kleptomaniacs; eat a lazy lunch overlooking the sea to Wagogo traditional singing, released by the Jahazi Media imprint.

Places of Entertainment in Dar

Waves Restaurant and Bar Zanzibar | Ocean Restaurant Zanzibar | Palm View Restaurant Zanzibar | Lustania Restaurant Zanzibar | Union Beach Restaurant Zanzibar | Restaurant Le Spices | Two Tables Restaurant | Alfajiri Restaurant | Stone Town Zanzibar | Café Foro | Upeop Boutique Beach Side Restaurant Zanzibar | Lukman Restaurant Zanzibar | George and Dragon Restaurant | Al Musawy Restaurant | Dulce Café Dar |

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