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Why should you study at Cooperative College of Kenya? To meet the costs of this challenging world, one should always Endeavour to attain quality education.

Do you want quality education that matches the current market and competition in Kenya? Then come and get the best education at Cooperative College of Kenya in Kenya.

This page is about the background history of this college in Kenya, Courses and programs offered at Cooperative College of Kenya,

Hostel and Accommodation facilities at Academy of Graphic Technologies, Admission forms and requirements to study at this college in Kenya, Fee structure and payment option and all you need to know about Cooperative College of Kenya in Kenya before you waste your precious time travelling there.

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Courses Offered at Cooperative College of Kenya

  • Degree Courses

Bachelor of Co-operative Business, 3 years

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Co-operative Management, 2.5 years
  • Diploma in Co-operative Banking, 1 year
  • Diploma in Co-operative Banking, 1 year
  • Diploma in Micro-Finance, 2 years

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate in Co-operative Business Administration, 6 months
  • Certificate in Co-operative Administration, 1 year
  • Certificate in Co-operative Banking, 1 year
  • Certificate in Co-operative Business Administration, 6 months
  • Certificate in Bridging Mathematics, 3 months


Main Campus (Langata): January, May and September

Degree Campus: January, May and September

Nairobi Campus: January and July

Meru Campus: May and September

Mombasa Campus; January, May and September


The Cooperative College of Kenya is the only specialized higher training institution for Cooperative training and education in Kenya.

It has been in existence for over a half a centuary as a government department and was transfered into semi autonomous Government Agency through Cooperative College of Kenya Cap 490A (1995) of laws of Kenya.

The College is located in Leafy Karen Surburb of Nairobi City with a quiet serene environment suitable for both adult and young learners.

The college boasts of rich experience accumulated over a long period training and exposure to world cooperative experiences through the support of partnership of Nordic Countries.

It is also the only institution with a wealthy of human proffessionals in the field of Cooperative education and training.

The semiautonomous status has enabled the College to collaborate widely with like minded institutions to be able to be creative,innovative and create positive impact to the Cooperative movement in Kenya and world over.

In order to fulfill her mandate the College has continued to grow through the guidance and leadership of the College governing Council who have been developing and implementing strategic plans that has the objectives of expanding and widening the training programmers, development of advanced programmes including degree program and carry out research on issues related to Cooperatives.

The Cooperative sector and related economies has had a positive test of our products which continue to steer the Cooperative movement to greater heights.

Microfinance institutions can also bear witness of their quality.

We promise to continue fulfilling our mandate and contribute to the realization of the the national goals and vision 2030.

Contact Details

The Director, Co-operative College of Kenya

P.O. BOX 24814-00502, Karen, Nairobi

Telephone: +254-020-891410

Mobile: 0724-311606



Location: Shirika Road, Off Langata South Road, Karen

Cooperative College of Kenya

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