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I may go as far as to say that Backpackers Hostel and Campsite in Kampala City Uganda is my favorite little hideaway on the planet.

I do a lot of traveling alone, so it is always nice to be able to sit around and meet new people, whether it is the staff of a place or other travelers.

Throughout the day, this is always possible here. It is also usually pretty quiet throughout the day to get some writing or reading done. (This may change when a large group first arrives, though.)

At night, it kind of turns into a loud party, which for some can be a turn off, especially for people going to bed early.

(I have also stayed at Red Chilis, and although it is nice, the place is usually pretty dead and somewhat hard to meet anyone interested in interacting. It is the opposite of Backpackers in this way.

If that's your thing, check them out.)

Every time I've been back here, it has been as clean as I would expect it to be with so many people in and out all the time.

The food is good, though there is a wait most of the time.

Try to order when it isn't too busy if that's an option. Reasonable prices, especially for a dorm-bed.

I love this place and will continue to sent there my clients every chance I get.

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Convenient to Entebbe Airport, Kampala Backpackers is a great place to set as a home base.

Excellent value for the money. With attentive and friendly staff, reliable showers, clean rooms and lavatories, this hostel attracts a lot of expats, tourists, graduate students, and most helpful to me.

A great place to meet a variety of experts in their fields. The atmosphere is friendly and warm, and the campus has a safe, expansive open feel.

Backpackers is like an oasis in Kampala. Close to the center of town (3,000-4000 USh by boda boda), one wouldn't know it's so close to such a noisy, sprawling metropolitan center.

The menu offers simple variety, and the recent addition of a wood fired pizza oven has pleasantly expanded the options.

A bit pricy, the pizza is nonetheless excellent, and a nice break from motoke or pasho.

Backpackers Hostel and Campsite in Kampala City of Uganda

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