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Why should you study at Amecea Institute Kenya? To meet the costs of this challenging world, one should always Endeavour to attain quality education.

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This page is about the background history of this college in Kenya, Courses and programs offered at AMECEA Institute,

Hostel and Accommodation facilities at Amecea Institute Kenya Admission forms and requirements to study at this college in Kenya,

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About the Institute 

AMECEA Pastoral Institute (API-GABA) was established as a Catholic Pastoral Institute in 1967 in Gaba, Uganda. The Institute was moved to its current premises in Eldoret, Kenya in 1976.

Since inception, the Institute has been offering a nine month Pastoral Diploma Renewal Programme to lay professionals, religious men and women and the clergy from the AMECEA   region and other African countries.

In July 2008 at the AMECEA Plenary in Lusaka – Zambia, the Bishops elevated the Institute to the level of a Campus of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). We are now so happy to introduce three Diploma courses in our institute.

Mission of API 

The mission is to promote research and to nurture and develop knowledgeable and up to date agents of evangelization and integral human development, with commitment to Transforming societies and enhancing Christian living.


The Institute is located in Eldoret Town, approximately 5Kms from the town centre, along the Eldoret-Kapsabet-Kisumu Road, near the Eldoret Polytechnic.

Courses on Offer at Amecea Institute Kenya

Diploma in Evangelization and Catechesis

Duration:  9 Months

Intake: August every year

Course contents

  • Scientific Methodology
  • Missiology: The Missionary Church
  • Fundamental Catechesis
  • History of Evangelization
  • Homiletics
  • Fundamental Theology & Revelation
  • Cultural Studies
  • Ecclesiology
  • Mariology
  • Inter-religious Dialoque and Ecumenism
  • The Holy Trinity
  • Liturgy and Inculturation
  • Ecclesial Groups and Movements
  • Spirituality
  • Critical Thinking
  • Introduction to Canon Law
  • Research Project

Diploma in Pastoral Ministry & Management

Duration:  9 Months

Intake: August every year

Course Contents 

  • Scientific Methodology
  • Introduction to Pastoral Theology
  • Social Responsibility and Ethics
  • Moral Issues in the Changing World
  • Human  Resource Management
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Management of Church Institutions: Schools & Hospitals
  • Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • Human Rights and Conflict Management
  • Financial Management in Church Institutions
  • Canonical Marriage and Tribunals
  • Strategic Planning  
  • Advocacy and Networking
  • Research Project  

Common Courses

  • Biblical Apostolate & Fundamentalism
  • Small Christian communities: A tool for evangelization in AMECEA  Region
  • Communication Skills 

Elective Courses:

Computer literacy,  Languages i.e. (Kiswahili &  Hebrew), History of Consecrated life and  Human  Growth &  Development.

Entry Requirements

Recommentation letter from the Local Ordianry,for Diocesan Priest, Religious Superior for religious and Parish Priest for the laity

A mean grade of C plain in form four results (KCSE) or its equivalent

Diploma in Counselling Psychology

Duration: 9 Months 

Intake:  August every year

Course contents

  • Peer and Group Counseling
  • Major Counseling Theories
  • Counseling in a Cross- Cultural Setting
  • Ethical, Legal and Specific Counseling Issues 
  • Family /Marriage Counseling
  • Spiritual Counseling  
  • Human Growth & Development  
  • Introduction to Psychology 
  • Research Methods in Psychology 
  • Introduction to Counseling 
  • Child /Adolescent Guidance and Counseling
  • Health & Psychological Issues
  • Practicum/ Scrutiny
  • Communication in Counseling
  • Personality & Behavioural Ppsychological Disorders
  • Theories & Techniques of Counseling
  • Practical Counseling Skills

Diploma in Conflict Management and Peace Building

Duration : 9 Months

Intake: August every year

Course contents

  • Introduction to Conflict Management
  • Approaches and Theories of Conflict Management
  • Enviromental and Natural Resource based Conflict
  • Human Rights and Injustice in African Society
  • Communication in Conflict Management
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Cultural Studies
  • Conflict and Religious Fundamentalism
  • Logic and Critical Thinking
  • Goverment and Politics in Post-independence Africa
  • Theories of Peace Building
  • Church and State Relations
  • Theories of Democracy/FormS of Governance
  • Introduction to Political Science  
  • Introduction to Public Relations  

Entry Requirements

A mean grade of C plain in form four results (KCSE) or its equivalent

Application Submission: All applications should be submitted before July  20th 2010 

Short Courses 

Conflict Management, Counseling, Peace Building, Healing & Reconciliation Workshop

Duration:  Four (4) weeks

Intake:  February 2011

Course Contents  

  • Conflict transformation and peace building in Africa
  • Addressing injustices committed to human dignity in Africa, respecting diversity of cultures.Understanding Social teachings of the church in Conflict Management and  Peace Building
  • Understanding Loss, Grief and Bereavement in Africa and process of healing, growth and reconciliation
  • Pastoral counseling skills for survivors/ persons affected by conflicts and war.

Entry Requirements

  • A candidate must have completed secondary education
  • Applicants are expected to have good knowledge of English
  • Some working experience in the Church

Application Submission 

Application should be submitted before January 30th 

Church Management and Administration

Duration: Four (4) Weeks

Intake: October 2011

Course Contents 

  • Church leadership and Management
  • Church operations management
  • Stewardship, accountability and financial management in the church
  • Church Human Resources Management
  • Strategic management and pastoral planning
  • Information, Communication and Technology.

Target groups

Clergy, religious men and  women, Catechists  and other agents of evangelization from  the AMECEA region  are encouraged to apply.

Entry Requirements

  • A candidate must  have completed secondary school education
  • Applicants are expected to have good knowledge of English
  • Applicants to have some  working experience in the Church.

Physical Location


The Director/Programme Coordinator

Catholic University of Eastern Africa

API – Eldoret

P.O. Box 908

30100 ELDORET – Kenya

Tel: 254 53 20 62 153

Mobile:  0728 458 276

Fax:  254 53 20 33 658



Amecea Institute Kenya

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